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I thought to write a thing of importance,
share a Zen moment, a euphoric epiphany,
but anger is too close, hating my own
differences ... so I seethe.

Weary of the graciously agitated,
leery of the over involved idiots
that tend to run things to ground,
Slashing agenda swords, heading towards
that no return line, where you just have to roll with it,
arguing to the point of whatever the other says is wrong,
and nothing else matters
even if I think you have a point
even if I think ...
wait a minute,
no damn thinking,
maybe I am normal.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


We are all guilty, it is one of those universal sad human
qualities, thanks, glad to see you.

author comment

epiphany as it blossomed into the Zen flower, and was mesmorized. This is one I wish that I had written.
~ Gee

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thanks, a Zen flower, hey, now there's a poem

author comment

Niiiice, Richard. We're on the same wave-length this morning it seems. But I think the word is normalcy .... and that's a misnomer. ;-)



thanks, point me to the poem of yours you are referring to,
I loved "the skin you're in"

author comment

So don't cop out, share the angry epiphany.

Like the poem.
Hate the ending.

Neopoet Directors

that's the sweetest thing anyone ever called me,
a poet ... thanks Jess, I too feel this needs some
work, but I did like the ending (lowering my head
and kicking my other foot)

author comment

I love the way this poem developes, unfolds,
my expectations kept twisting, this way then that,
the contrast between the title and first line is brilliant.
if this is still a draft, I would like to suggest taking the normal down a line, so that it is on its own. that way the title and last word will circle around each other. I think it would work for the poem, I'm just not sure if it would complement your personal style...
always enjoy reading your poetry, Mr Moonman, sir... you are a great poet :)
your Proprietress

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