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They found a letter,
contents unknown,
why does a young man who has
everything to live for jump out the
bathroom window 20 stories high?

Did you think you could fly?
Did you think that was a permanent solution
to your temporary problems?
Did you think your depression and pain
would not be felt by those who know and
love you,
after all... we all walk on the same ground,
we were your ground, and you
hid your falling until it was too late.

Last few words: 
Spencer was a 22 yr old law student. Brilliant. Model/actor handsome. Cousin of my daughter's partner. No one knew. My grandson and he grew up together since they were 3 years old, only a few months separated their age. Two weeks ago, Justin drove Spencer to Chicago to begin his law studies. We are all devastated.
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I am so sorry for the loss................stan

It's really too terrible to even write a poem, Stan.

What a month, the grandma died less than 2 weeks ago, and my son is getting married in less than two weeks! Life is not a piece of wedding cake....or maybe it is... being married to joy and sorrow simultaneously.


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