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another leaf falls

The wind is ridiculous in its grand gesture
rolling over the land like a giant serpent
squeezing the cold North air,
the fatted turkey devoured
the marrow of family cracked open
and sucked clean

I prefer simple things. The sound of sunrise
in all these blue hours, the touch of your breath nearest
me, the knowing it took to be with
to be tangled in destiny with melancholy limbs.

The wild geese have gone. They leave no shadows behind.
You are my religion.
I love you longer than I can remember.

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Hmm..... maybe "squeezing the cold North air to southen lands"? How have you been?........stan

Hi Stan, nice 2cu again. Computer issues solved? Family well?

Last night dinner over my son's. My x husband, Barry and my daughter's father. They said 3 good men and a shady lady. lol. My life is interesting.

It'll be near 60 with sun and more sun.

Many hugs to you and all at Neopoet.


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