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wheat feilds
where the sweet wind wanders
and the wires sing out in
their earnest voice

let me run the pliant
course where loves
wound weeps

and let me lay my head
beneath the stark and
reaching heavens
the wild thrill
for taming dreams
spill spill
glitter garland glam

let these rakish bejewelled
delights be free from heist
for youve stolen me from
lesser plans
and built your fortress

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


This is beautiful language, meaningful and lovely.

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potrayle poatrayl I have dislezia

people made me stop and lay in
the grass to watch clouds once or sit
on a rock and be calm for fifteen
minutes....a little stream
minnows flashing in the fluid
the sky above haunted with clouds
the forest dark and wild

i remember that still

this poem was like that
a quiet moment in the mundane

Thank You!

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