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"we've blended energies, even
our atoms dance in syncopated heat."
I say
"you're quite scientific,"
you said
"i've married both sides...
searching for God until i discovered love."
i say

you held me close
and we fell asleep

when the first bird sang of praise,
you wrote a poem,
i asked if you found the words,
you did

before the tempura of daylight,
we fused raw dialects of desire
to searing flesh,
red sails churning with ocean, gravity
and wild sea,

tormented love addicts
poets and paper tigers,
our stripes blending into a primeval darkness.
not alone
never alone.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
apologies, short of the 24 hour rule, I have to make do with my time frame this weekend. ~A
Editing stage: 


Lonnie said it all already!

"never alone" - sublime.

Oh, yes! I found a fault!! yipee!

You need to make all the 'i's' capital!

Yes, I found a fault!!


Seriously, there are times when a poem reaches you in a perfectly sealed condition...this is it.


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