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I waited and waited as she had promised
She promised me and I had believed her as always,
I never learn and she never stop promising,
Still my reason for hurting wasn`t because she broke it,
It was in the way she spoke to me that broke my heart.

She does not get it and never will
As she breaks my heart into smaller pieces,
Those smaller pieces she expects me to love her with,
Is love really that patient? Doesn`t it have an end or it`s limits?

I wish for a mother who understands
A mother who will love me the way I deserve to be loved,
Yes, I really do deserve better than this,
An honest mother`s love is what I really need,
I pray each and every day that someday, one day I will receive it.

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Hi,I also believe that the bond is always there and sometimes it does become shaky. Well I do know that I love myself and maybe the only problem I still have is believing that I am in perfect world with perfect human beings(provided that they are striving for perfection).I will use your advice and see how it works out.


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Thank you...

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Love and forgiveness covers a multitude of imperfect promises from those we love.
Letting go of the resentment cause by imperfect love, by no means accepting it, eases a heavy heart filled with sadness
Sadly greatly written
There is nothing like a mothers or fathers love.

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no one can change a mother ...but what can change is understanding in a mother-child relationship...mothers will be mothers and kids will remain kids in their eyes...more often than not mothers scold or criticize their kids because they have their welfare in mind and know that while others may resort to foolhardy praise of their kids as a mother they will be straight forward in their praise or criticism without bias...

raj (sublime_ocean)

I have to agree with you there,Barbara...forgiving is much more easier to do than staying angry or full of resentment.

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I have seemed to learn the hard way that nomatter how old I may seem to think I am, I will always be a child in my parent's eyes.

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