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Teenage stage

Being a teenager is hard
So many things happen at once,
So many expectations and obligations.

At times I gather strength to go on
Or simply I break down,
Wanting to give up,letting go.

The are days when I need a hand
A hand to touch me,
And tell me that everything will workout.

Somedays I need a hug
A voice to tell me am loved,
And needed in this life.

Somedays I need a soft look
That tells me someone understands,
And I was not born by accident,
That I am in the right direction with my life.

At times I need a friend
The one who would not talk,
But understands,
I wonder why this has to be so hard,
As if life is not hard enough.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


the warmth is for free
without any qualms
and you will know that teenage angst
does also go
when one blushes
and blood all over guys' that

.....'''''A voice to tell me am loved,.... just hear me or read me..


Mark,the last line is there to show that even if life may seem hard to all however for a teenager most things seem worse.Thank you.

Loved, thank you.

author comment

I like this poem. I find the stanza progression interesting, i like it, why did you choose to lengthen your stanzas at the end instead of sticking with one verse per stanza?

Mark I am not implying that *smiling* however for you its different, I am sure by the time I reach your age my opinion will differ.

Rhiannon, thank you,the verse thing is a moment thing.

author comment
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