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a craving
like a hungry day
emerging bright
and brittle

this want
running thick
and deep

Ive been buried
the crash

and youve walked
me in debris trail

kisses so I cant
look back
scent of sweet
warm breath
so I cant see
the sky
pain scattered
and falling

im dying
as each
is revealed

as my ghost becomes
as you reach me
as you seek me

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Today I decided to

read all unexplored poems
composed over eons ago
Why only a few ,
read a few I wonder ,

Perhaps you intended


thanks for stopping by!

author comment

I recently said I preferred your old style but this one shows me where you are going with the new.

I apologise for my under-informed opinion, this is great work, and distinctly Esker.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

I do remember Orgami works well
I copied some works from then
they were longer flowing peices
I shortened the new stuff down
because Im writing people too
and have only an hour at the library
these days

not much time split up by three sites
and at least five people to keep track
of not counting Faceboob

anyway thanks for the comment!

author comment

expunge the thick host of twilight
the fire rippling in the throat of glass
sitting here drinking like the animal
from the glass

cut up broken up
fucking crash

raze the carnations
and Steady stands there
the angel of the rains
the petals errant
like drops of the most
precious bright
on pearl skin

author comment
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