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wash me
you say
holding the cloth
the tub edge
shiny with moisture

tommorrow is a distance

grey in the mists
while tonights sunsets
are hard and brittle

I watch it


damn those islands
and their mystery

one day I swear I will
walk the seven Klicks
of ice to see their shore

terrified of water that
till never occur

I will swim in my tub
lounging half awake
with my head
turned to the blue tiles
dreaming of mermaids
to swim too

Editing stage: 


if I could
no wait I can

I can sketch storyboards

this is a film
(old fashioned I think film)

I should take a film class
I love in this country the homegrown
Indie movies

it was shelagh's line
time is suspended in me
in portions of great immensity
skies are frozen
keep falling
on black

sadness hangs in the air
like the plaintive voice
of the kettle
like a hand upon the
shoulder at the door

and sometimes
I wake up in different

author comment

Came to visit this and was not disappointed.

Love Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

You painted a nice portrait of whimsy with just a touch of longing. Only line which tripped me up "till never occur" must be too deep for such shallow thinker as I.................stan

will never occur but I think I may have meant walk there
or on the ice....I used too but not anymore
I truly believe that water has a spirit
The mirages in summer still make me shiver
I know its science
but nice that we can have things to make
us wonder!!

Thank You!

author comment
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