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doe eyed

sunlight to dusk
paramore amour
and nightfall
asunder silent
quiet to your chores
I rest like a king
feet up in the
man chair

Your laundry round
and dishes clank
my shirt pressed
a cold beer drank

a place has everything
and everything a
my rules
my creed

a land without
borders or rules
is unhappiness
no linen
no lace
no strength
no grace

to roam
a punishment

a reward
shall be
the spoils
to the leader


Editing stage: 


is that is how a lot of men feel when they come home after a hard days work to relax in their castle.
To know that there is someone that is taking care of the castle and is quite content to do it.
Of course, it doesn't hurt to take them out to dinner once in a while and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts! I liked the romance-novel approach! ~ Gee

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was watching my parents...
Long before equality came about..
she had seven sisters..a mother..
her dad drove steam train.Big money
then...Big hours driving between
Toronto to Montreal and up to South
Parry...Parry Sound for Canadian Pacific
Railroad....He drove the last big steam
run in 1969 up our way...To the then
functioning still wye at Scotia Junction..
He left Toronto because of a big gambling
debt...Guess it was that large he had to
move his family north....The sisters had
to survive winters then in a small
summer house on Clear Lake Ontario
home to all the big wheels who wanted
it simple...Cut streetcars but
walk to school...wash..haul water..
cook on was fifteen
miles away...station for train was was two and a half..
Married young...and for a time loved
each other...She did all that for my
dad and he did love her...but he
was cheap or frugal...maintenance
drinker which was an issue and
he never wanted to travel once
they worked hard and made it..
she eventually found that after
the divorce....

I usually do all this..with a bit of
a kick in the ass...I cook dinners.
pull out stoves..clean the stoves
inside..scrub pots..look after dog
wash walls inside apartment..
paint walls when needed...
sew Princesses clothes when they
get wear and tear..fix shoes..
wash Queen and Princesses clothes
and fold...Press Queens shirts
and Princesses pretty white work
approved short sleeved shirts..
match sockies for them...fold mine
Queen hangs everything up But I
get it to my big room top floor..
I do the running for groceries and
help shove the heavy cart about..
Run to food bank day and lug home
fifty pounds more or less in big
assed pack sack and wait the hour
with everyone for gossip and
gathering for news of the city etc..
I keep or help keep the televisions
free of dust..Dust their rooms or
help at least...make sure the
humidifier has fresh
fresh water..clean food..
wash windows come spring..sweep
sidewalk....Chat with neighbours
I get along with here...Run to store
for their treats...Walk Princess
the hour long walk to work when
her boyfriend cant make it to
drive her. Run baths sometimes
and keep tub scrubbed..bathroom
too...Lightbulb changer...(They are
both five foot nothing little sprites)

Equality was always instilled in us..
this write was written like the total
domineering role by the male which
I never took on or felt comfortable
with...The females at your feet
kind of thing which I saw...I know
husband wife whom love this kind
of arrangement..

I myself need to buy little gifts and
flowers....I do not do this...Horrible
right! okay not horrible horrible
but a great I am
starting to at least tell my woman
I love her and spend time with
her....My family loves me very

I know they love it when I do all
this for them....but mostly they
love it when I spend time with
them...How did your day go..
hows the new boyfreind
are you having troubles with
people...Need anyone thugged
up? the usual..

(I'm six one! in decent shape..
long haired...and had enough
of being shoved about...had
enough asshole uncles to know
how not to be with your women)

It is nice to come home to a cooked
dinner...I dont mind doing dishes
and running to store for them...
rubbing my womans feet!
small price to pay!!

and write poetry when I find time!!!

Thank You..

noting wrong with old values either!

author comment

I can see you relaxing in this scenic descriptiic poem. It well written.

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

Neopoet Community

so much going on..the whirlwind of life!
come down here to upstairs
do laundry..dishes back down here..
run errands..job for half day..
runs walking some days..

I really like your day to day poetic exploits
and then the scenic views you cast on
your call of the world very much!
Thank You!

author comment

Coming on here in 2008 I had no idea how or what to write Jess say write what you feel going. I guess I mastered that. Now I've stumbled onto Quatern I can't stop writing about about everyday mundane calls of life.

*Collaborative Poetry Workshop* American Version of Japanese Poetry ~ Renga ~ Haiku, Senyru, Tanka.

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