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loved's blog

stigma why! must read in Neopoets interest please

We ... Ian and I ..
are trying to remove

the late- read stigma of poetry
as you can see ...
some poetry is left unseen
now a days for weeks ....

if you wish to be read
do read
another poet's creativity
now do go and read older ones kindly
in the unseen gallery
A Neopoet's well wisher

till tomorrow locker like kept

Don’t feel shy
simply post and let others read
tell them bluntly
not to bully
and with your lovely poetry
summarily deal

ask them to have guts and say
what is wrong and where
do them dare,
as some take this Neopoets as their inherited wealth

don't shirk
don't fear,
I would have been sliced
long ago my dear
by not all but only one
who hasn't yet still given in



Give me your full name and date of birth
and see
how much i can show whether it does or does not match thee

you can challenge me

our name must be in harmonic vibrations
with our poetic ability

just post it here and see
for free

lovely strangers

beyond the stars...
some day we may meet..
if only...

you know not the way ....
this life has now gone. away..
with the setting sun ...

we may meet in the far folds of time ...
when once again...
I am young........

for you then a desired one
for fun
not during this life's run..............................

for none know me

we belong to
the universe...
where life does traverse...
in lovely verse

creative imagination is my weakness...

creative imagination is my weakness...

here Ian
only you are the sole commentator
alongside me
and as long as you comment
I shall continue to compose poetry
some day some one shall read me
and ask thee
who was friendly Lovedly
what then will say ye??

you all have to read
go to their pages to read
as thanks

then only will you be read

one whole year none read me
now over 1000
read me daily..
Dear friends ....

your views on meditation before composing poetry

of meditation
Many times out of my own minds common knowledge, over the years I have preached meditation as one’s mind flows all over the immense vastness of wilderness at lightning speed. Thoughts only spread far and wide rapidly and without the human minds control. It’s then we must need to concentrate our thoughts at a place and attend to the task in hand .Many times that does not happen .At such times we need greater attention and to concentrate our thoughts we need to utter some words of intent .A simple a line or a psalm ,but very brief like an

you may consider ...

28 unread poems since long


once i had endeavoured---- to read any poem over one week ------left as unread
in order to give an impetus to poets to compose

now I observe 28 unread..... since long

May I request each poet here
to visit the unread and help score off at least one daily before you post yours....

volunteers needed


will be inaugurated at midnight
where ever one is
our one and only

all are welcome to join as volunteers

Leave your names here only

shorty or epicurial

I started off well...
liking the smoothness
the flow like a river of no return
sorry I had to abandon
as it became epicurial
that's not my cup of tea ..

so new poet do excuse me...
but if you care to
do read me

friends across the net called poets
do remember
in order to gain rapt
compose shorter poems

gist, fist and wrist
all intended in one

this is prosaic some one convert it into exotic poetry

I could visualize the drive from Montreal to
what a LADY autumn one does see driving in exoticity the flowering robes outstretched beyond of what eyes can pry
the distant calls beckons come by and the sprawling rainbows
as if they were for real upon leaves of many a hue
all colours fresh and new like a veil upon a newly wedded female
cast away the bridegrooms loneliness.. as she kneels down to show the hues she wanted to


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