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December Contest

This month we write about Life, its ups and downs. Although it doesn't have to be based on fact at least a few hints of the truth of your life should be within. Any style, any length. Sharpen those quills and have fun!

November contest winner

I hope you will all join me in congratulating Eumolpus for winning the November contest with his sonnet "Starting From Scratch. Below is his winning entry :

Starting from Scratch (Sonnet contest)

When was the world not total madness,
When did everybody start complaining?
The meat is overcooked or it’s raining.
The emperor is married to a hag, so sad!

It’s time for boys to test skills in battle,
It’s time for girls to breast feed babies.
The old ones die of sadness or disease
While the bells of madness rattle.


Please forgive the lateness of this announcement. The winner of the Oct. contest is Mark for his poem "When Autumn Leaves.". His poem is right below and I hope you will join me in congratulating Mark... stan

When Autumn Leaves (october contest)
Submitted by Mark on Fri, 2019-10-04 19:05

One of my wishes still vivid in mind
Is of Autumn nights with your hands so kind
And kisses among musty leaves
Return from beyond choppy seas

Watch Watch GAME LIVE

Watch Watch GAME LIVE

October Competition

It is now 14th November and the October Comp has still to be sorted ?????
Hope all are well in that department lol
Yours Waiting for second place as always,
A Flustered Sparrow..

All is now set for the 2019 edition of the Chinua Achebe Literary Festival which will hold this Saturday in Akwa, the Anambra State Capital.

This was contained in a statement issued by the State Coordinator of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers, (Anambra State Chapter), Mr. Izunna Okafor who is also the convener of the event.

November contest

Sorry about running late. This month's contest is simple. Write a sonnet of any type on any subject. Likely easy for most folks but sonnets are My bane lol

Splash Pool (parody)

Scribbler: Greetings all
Geezer: I know I’m kind of late…
Samary: I am really interested in
Samary: A piece of good imagery
Scribbler: Yep
Mark: It’s never too late to join in
B9Pat: confusion
Mark: Here is my own
Scribbler: Now
Mark: Do you think this is more of a showing?
Scribbler: yeah
B9Pat: Thank you Mark
Samary: I got more tactile
Scribbler: I think
Sparrow 42: Mark
Scribbler: Very good
Samary: sight, sound, feel…you
Mark: Agreed on that Sam

Com'on folks!...

Everyone gets upset that they don't get critique and comments, but no one wants to reciprocate. Even if you are a newbie, you should make an effort to at least comment and let the author know that some one has read their work. Who wants to stick around and post; when there is no interaction. If no one cared about it, then everyone would just sit home and write for themselves! We have had this discussion many times over the years, and things improve for a while, but... after a week or so, things go back to the way that it was!


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