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Critique and comments...

I see many new people here at the site and I think that this is a good thing! However, there are not enough people that are critiquing and commenting on other people's work! When you join the site, we know that most people are a little shy about trying to critique someone else's work. But when you have been here a while and have gotten some of your own work commented on or critiqued, we expect that you will reciprocate and tell others what you think about their work.


OK, we have all had difficulties in our lives. And if we're still here we overcame them. So this month we are going to write about overcoming difficulties. Doesn't have to be autobiographic. Must be in free verse and although there is no limit on length please have sympathy for the judge and don't get Too long winded.......don't want to mention who this might apply to,,,,,Stan! lol. So trim those quills and have fun

Jan. contest winner

Please join me in congratulating the January contest winner for her poem :
ROSES IN BLOOM (Contest: Changed Perspective)
Submitted by April Dawn

I feel myself begin to dream
of all the friends who’ve come and been.
So many of them still alive
within the corners of my shadowed mind.

The relatives crowd in there too
as if the afterlife has nothing much to do.
Many are unknown to me
Just names in our troubled family history.

Attention new members!

We've had quite a lot of new members lately and I address this mostly to you. I've been going through the 'Undiscovered Poems' list, poems that have received no feedback. I've also been checking the statistics on people who post a few poems and don't return. We care a lot about Neopoet and want it to be a friendly and helpful place.

Jan. Contest

Anybody who has posted a poem meant for Jan. contest who has NOT put (January Contest) beside the title needs to do so or risk being overlooked in contest.

Neopoet Referendum #7 - The Lab Vote yes

Unlike most elections where Americans and most Western democracies you have a choice between arseholes who want to exploit you ruthlessly or those who want to exploit you pretending not to be ruthless at Neopoet you have a choice to make things better.

Vote no, nothing changes.

Need Opinions ?

Need opinions..
The unfortunate and sad truth is that the hair on top of my head is slowly but surely going away. I don’t have cash for replacement surgery and quite frankly, the thought of it scares me as I don’t want a dead possum sewed to my scalp.
Option one- continue to keep it short and let nature continue its miserable course.
Option two- dive head first into baldness and shave it all off...

Chris (vandiemenspeak) Hall and myself are happy to do them for you or teach you how to do it yourself.
Many people have found it invaluable in hearing their voice in another's voice purely to improve their work.

Yet we have got very little feedback. There is quite a lot of work involved which we are happy to do if you get value from it,

We would love some feedback on this, please.

The Roller coaster Ride

Keep a strong connection beneath the river edge shadows in the dark..Look straight forward in the struggle, Very deep..Some insist on getting their own way in life..But we must take part of service..What's the world coming to..leave behind not the slightest thought to read a sorted novelty. Awake to provide a distant novelty getting cut to the knees. I'm waiting for someone to come out some where...Life is like a roller coaster you have heavy good days and then you fake the speed,Today is the only moment that you have very touching with words.

January contest

This being the start of a new year let's write on the affect that changing one's perspective from the past to the future can affect a person. Check out the "contest" tab for particulars and have fun......stan


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