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Another workshop

Is anybody about ready for another workshop? If so just say yes.



By John Lars Zwerenz


I have decided to publish this final volume of my verse in this life freely and without any cost to its readers, students, young people, all others, poetry lovers and the like. You all have plenty enough to pay for in this world. I believe my vocation as a poet was chosen for me by God to serve my fellow man out of a spirit of humble service to the common good. May God love you all and bless each and every one of you.

John Lars Zwerenz, June, 2021

Narrative poetry workshop

Just a word of thanks to all who suffered through this workshop. I hope it honed your skills in this type poetry

what really irks me...

is poets who can't be bothered to reply to the responses they get to their works! glad I got that off my chest...

thanx, Cat

On Nights Like This

The crickets talk with me on nights otherwise devoid of a human voice... ... we talk a lot The crickets and I.


I Will Show You

When the nascent moon descends over the old, stone towers
Of you're castle on the hillside, beyond the emerald glades
A breeze carries the hymn of your name as it softly serenades
The stream that rushes by me where me stand among the bowers.

I will grant you roses from the sea and its scarlet bays,
And as a lover's fragrant, eternal souvenir,
Their perfumes shall embrace you, my only love, my dear,
And heaven I will show you, in timeless, mystic ways.

John Lars Zwerenz

This month's contest give everybody a chance to show they learned something because the contest requires a particular rhyme pattern ...ABAB. Of course non participants should also check the contest out lol

Rhyme Workshop - Orange (Offensive Content and Language)

As we wrap up the rhyme workshop, I just wanted to post this article and video since we've had some near rhyme and dialect discussion issues. I think it's a great example of how both of these can be used to great effect. It's about Eminem and has some offensive content so if the council decides to take it down, I understand. Blogs don't have "explicit content" so not sure how else to alert to this.

My fifth brainsurgery

Just today I have had a brain surgery my fourth these past two years I’m in chkd hpospital right now


When I Go

When in the other world I, at last, bide
You will not ever, ever, really know
Nor will you say that you at all denied
That it was now my turn and time to go.

As I fling kisses so many misses
You would not come here ever for to see
How many came to savor my kisses
Because you have, at no time, been with me.

abab cdcd efef gg
to find the balance of this sonnet
what to say have you
of friendly NEOs


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