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I hope you have an absolutely amazing birthday filled with whatever you wish for. I know Steven will take care. I know I am a little early but Im going to be quiet. Hugs

Much love always


Need inspiration

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all that remains

Over the years and the passing seasons many, many transitions and changes have transpired.
Now all that remains is a ghostly recollection that emits some verbiage and articulation at certain junctions.
Perhaps this is due to the triggers that still have hold and spring. Potentialities surround and poems still alight.

I am so proud of my fellow poets...

for stepping up and starting to understand how much your comments help each other. Offering encouragement, giving advice and in general, being a help to all, is the way of a Neopoet. Yes, being a Neopoet, is a real thing. In case one doesn't know it, NEO means new; a beginning. We have striven to be a new way to help our fellow poets; by being a family. Thank you all for
your presence here. We are truly becoming the vision that started this site so many years ago. ~ Geezer.

To all my fellow poets...

I realize that an excuse is not an apology, so I offer both for any of the difficulties that I have presented in the last week by being absent from my duties and making mistakes. I have had some serious health issues, due to contracting COVID, on top of my COPD. I will be more on top of my game in the following weeks. I have tested negative for COVID. Thank you, Geezer.

I’m in the hospital again

They drilled another hole in my head To measure the pressure . Where they then did some tests likes making me sit up and when I did it I looked like I was having a stroke the pressure in head went down to-17 it’s supposed to be 35 . The nurses are saying that the neurosurgeons might do surgery on me on wensday .

New Cats

We, recently, adopted two cats: Phoenix and Miko. They are 13 and 12, respectively. We already had one, Mia, who is 13, but wanted another cat or two that would spend time in our laps. Mia has hip problems and is overweight, so she is unable to jump up much.


How does it feel to be 39? lol

The Purpose of My Work

While it is true, I am a novice poet; it is my biased belief that I have ideas to share with the world. My work aims to draw attention to the status quo and by extension, hopefully disrupt it. I may discuss controversial subjects although mostly under the guise of an elaborate metaphor. Poetry is, at its roots, subjective. The reader can extract their own emotions and meaning from a poem.


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