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Ian Thomas Howard
1942 - 2020
Died on 28th October 2020 at 17:10.

He wrote under the names of Yenti and Sparrow as well as his own name.

Hi Folks

Would anybody be interested in a workshop on rhyme patterns?


An open write to you all at Neopoet

This is Sparrow, Ian T, Yenti, and just ME.
It would be so wonderful to be able to walk with each of you at this moment..
I have just been informed that I have contracted Cancer of my pancreas...
As there is no cure for this it is just a question of Earth time.. I will be able to be there with you all at anytime, when I have journey on..
It has been a great few years here and the help we have given out must continue.
I am going to join those great poets we have, Esker, Lonnie. The Moonman, Jess, and of course Judy Our Aussie wonder Woman.

New Workshop

We have a new workshop starting 11 September
come check it out perhaps sign up
click on the Basic Critique for a description

OK. I posted a poem for the contest

titled it "Social Distancing". Figured it would be fun and might even be good enough to win but didn't really care about that. I posted it for fun and to show support for contests. But........
It has become a political forum instead. Not my intent, just accidentally. Now the question that I'd like answered is whether this is a good or bad thing? Fell free to post your opinion here ...........stan

Technical glitch faced by a user in posting her poem

Hi Andrew,
I write to you to point out a problem being faced by a fellow member Ms.Gracy. She has mentioned in a comment that when she posts a poem, in recent times, she gets a message about her poem being created but does not stream. Today Geezer had to post her poem "Encounter" on her behalf.

I am sure you and your team would look into this and fix it..

Regards and thanks...raj

Poetry is a Dying Art

I have been on the Internet
now for almost over two decades
also I'm a published author
by name

All web site guys
make money and go...
except you and me
innocent Neos

Do you like me,
now see
poetry is a lagging art
archaic old fellows style

we are young
at least at heart
inside out
why not compose
free style
as Lovedly

your guess /verse
please your own views
at worse


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