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Last Journey....(in waiting)

As life flows like a river
the banks of the river also give way.
no boats man comes even closer
as much as to share
a minuscule hand of love

Life gradually surges on
the speed of the heart hastens
is the estuary yet far away
someone say
mind beckons

the river of love hastens
to merge with its mom ocean
do they merge tonight
let us see

My fifth brainsurgery

Just today I have had a brain surgery my fourth these past two years I’m in chkd hpospital right now


When I Go

When in the other world I, at last, bide
You will not ever, ever, really know
Nor will you say that you at all denied
That it was now my turn and time to go.

As I fling kisses so many misses
You would not come here ever for to see
How many came to savor my kisses
Because you have, at no time, been with me.

abab cdcd efef gg
to find the balance of this sonnet
what to say have you
of friendly NEOs

Happy Birthday Paul

I wonder if we all could send a Happy Birthday message to PAUL if it weren't for he and Andy we wouldn't be Neo Poet

Today 03 March 2021 is his birthday let's show him how much we care about him


Alright here is a second page since page 1 had become unwieldy.
Exercise # 3
Write 2 stanzas in ABBA pattern

On Helping One Another Become Better Poets

This can be considered a reminder for those who have been here a while and an explanation for newer members.

Neopoet is not like most poetry sites. Our purpose is to actually make poets better, not to inflate or deflate egos.
We are here to lift each other's skills by giving truthful but respectful feed back to each other.If we just say stuff like "great poem" or "I loved this"how can we know where we need to improve ourselves? So if you are here to mainly receive such empty praise you are likely to be disappointed.

Anybody interested in a new workshop?

on rhyme patterns.? If so just say so in comments........stan

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Dear friends of Neopoet




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