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My health

After writing the invisible vagabond my health has heedlessly hurtled itself within a spiratic spiral and tomorrow I will be going to vcu where they will drill another hole in my skull and if it shows signs of overdraining then I will have brain surgery. Most likely on Wednesday.
I’ve been trying to write but it’s hard to think when all your thoughts are clustered into ambiguity.
I dedicate my life to my writing .

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“Every day, in private conversations, letters to editors, journal articles, and advice columns, people complain about grammar. They love to hate the bad grammar of others. These are the grammar ranters, and they claim to be distressed or confused by the tiniest of mistakes…


Part 1: Disclaimer and Preface

My perspective on grammar and mechanics (and writing in general) has changed significantly since last I was here. I’ve learned a lot over the past several years.

From studying linguistics, I have learned about what linguists call descriptive and prescriptive approaches to language use. The prescriptive perspective is what most of us are likely familiar with from learning grammar in school. However, most folks outside of the field of linguistics are likely unfamiliar with the descriptive perspective.

To our dear darlin Candlewitch Happy Birthday to you!!!

I wish you the happiest of birthdays sweetheart!!

You're such an integral part of Neopoet and I know that you're adored & loved by us all.

I hope Steve spoils you rotten!!
And I also hope your day is as special as you are!!!

I wish you joy in the year ahead!!!

Love you very much Lilbit xox

What’s going on with me

Since the poem the mollified man after writing it my condition has delicately dwindled in a downward spiral.

I’m still trying to write the problem is my health . My pain feels like I’m always aimlessly drifting at sea my vision from time to time becomes blurry then reverts back to clear.
And the pressure in my head keeps getting tighter as the days go on. But I’m still haven’t stopped trying to write.

Writing Block

Hi everyone, thank you for your support so far. I know I haven't posted in over a month and I just wanted to apologize for disapearing. Got a lot going on right now, I'm working full time and taking a class on the side so I haven't been writing much. Haven't felt inspired to write generally, but I will definitely post once I do write something I'm proud of. Thanks again :)

- Leo

I'm back :)

The whirlwind that is my life finally decided that it would calm down, so I'm very grateful for that one. But since I had been gone quite a while, just thought I'd let yall know that I'm back. I did just finish typing up all the stuff I had written (in my lil composition book lol) while I was away, so I should have a lil bit of a consistent amount of content for a minute. Hope yall had some good holidays & of course happy new years :)

Greetings to all

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy hang over lol

first blog post :flushed:

i'll just post updates and possibly even poems here (since they only let you post 1 per 23 hours)
if i can find a way to like, post digital art on the blog maybe i'll do that too :)

The surgery

They put a new catheter or valve in my shunt so it can be more manageable because the pressure in my head is supposed to be the normal is 35 but when I would lift up my head miy pressure would go up to 49 and sun I would stand up it would go down into the negatives.

I was in a lot of pain yesterday because I just had the brains surgery and all they gave me for relief was tylonal . I’m still in the hospital because they haven’t taken the burhole out yet because they want to still measure the pressure in order to make sure I’m okay. I’ll give you updates if there is any.


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