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Poets Reflect Positive Energy

Let me make myself clear I need to know where I’m going in this life
Everyday there’s a brand new baby born every night got the covers to keep me warm
We maybe living in the last days so don’t get caught in a purple haze stay amazed
Graduate to better things another door bell rings birds begin to sing keep smiling
I love to be loved in this current state of mind try to stay focused feelling left behind
All my energy I reflect in positive energy I exist as if a vapor then I am no more

See Ya'll Later

Off today to get old knee cut out and new one put in. Hopefully be back in a week or two at most........stan

Blessings To Neopoet For Their Contributions.

Today I write not to please self but to enhance the fate of others
I exist as a vapor then I am no more through the vast opened door
the willingness to explore so much more I give cadence to simpler times
I'm learning to write less and listen more pay attention to each episode
Carry on with a song in my heart to impart a reason to be strong
Trying to comment on others fine works to build people up.
In no way fashioned to use negativity to bring others down
We all know we make mistakes along the way but give people a chance

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Many have asked for this and it is done.

Cradle mountain diary

I realise/realize thiis is not a forum for poetry - but I've been away for a bit, without a reliable link up in Cradle Mountain, and made a few observations in my eye torn awe warped view of the sheer beauty of this place:

Naming a mountain. Cradle Mountain April 2018

“The Diners”

Rain wracked restaurant
Buffet slowed, bloating yet buoyant
After coffee, waiting, waiting
For the mountain to clear
And cool, cold to switch with warm

We wait, welded to our residence
For that peak to reveal itself,
Fully contented.

I've tried many times with varying degrees of success and abject failure to cover meter. I keep trying because it is the most important tool of our craft, much more important than rhyme. The very first poetry created by humanity came from the rhythmic retelling by Shamans of their trances induced by drumbeat. Well, that's the theory I attempted to prove in my MA Thesis and the examiners approved. It is also a powerful mnemonic aid.


As Robert rode down his birch trees
far in his northern Yankee land
climbing, then bending them with ease
their stance no longer straight and bland

Upon a time and place so far away
I have done so, too, with pine saplings
on a hot and sunny summer day
beneath shade enhanced by sol's dapplings

Sometimes not riding them to ground
just far enough to reach another
thus propelling self all around
from one pine to its nearest brother

Remain Strong Never Give Up !

Sometimes it's hard to remain strong... especially when you are the one feeling weak and there are countless others out there who are counting on you to be the strong one. I'm sending this message out to anyone out there who suffers from anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue. You are NOT alone and I promise you... there ARE people out there who actually care and want to see you succeed. Whatever you're going through right now, please believe me it will pass and there will be light beyond the clouds. Stay strong, have faith, and seek hope through seeking help.


to Jane 2106660 for winning the March [Ode to the cellphone] contest,
with her poem of "Balance of Power" She has managed to touch upon many of the
things that make them indispensable to our lives. Thank you Jane.

Remember when you enter the newest contest, that you should include [April Contest] in the title of your poem and click on the April Contest in the drop down menu next to save.

March top 10

This is a first
"The top 10 poets that submitted to Neopoet from March 1st - March 30th 2018"
1st -- Scribbler with 21 entries.
2nd -- Chevyvent and Iris at 18 entries.
4th -- Drey Hommies at 15 entries.
5th -- Raj at 13 entries
6th -- Lovedly with 12 entries
7th -- Trekker with 10 entries.
8th -- Weirdelf at 9 entries.
9th and 10th Valene and Sparrow with 8 entries.


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