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In light of

Recent comments made, I apologize to Jess and Eumopolis for any comments rendered to be inappropriate. While my statements were based on perceived abuse of another member, it is now my understanding that such is the way of the world now. My sincerest apologies to all.

Due to my recent comments...

I am forced to make an apology to my fellow poets Jess and Eumoplus. I will not stutter like the Fonz and say "I was wwww- wwwrrr- wwwrrrooonng. " I was wrong!
I confused their right to comment on the poem's content with a personal attack on another poet.
Such was not the case! I can only admit that I was bitten by a bug of self-righteous morality, and rushed to defend an out dated and indefensible code. However... From now forward, I will ask no quarter and there will be none given! I will play by the new rules. ~ Geezer

Due to my recent comments...

I am forced to make a public apology to Jess and fellow poet Eumoplus for exercising their right to voice their opinion on religion and beliefs. I was wrong! I'm not going to stutter like the Fonz and say
"I was www- wwrr- wwwrrrrooong! I will own up to being a self-righteous moral jerk. I rushed to the defense of an ideal that is outdated and indefensible in the cold light of day! I make apology to the site and my fellow poets. However... from now on, expect no quarter asked or forgiven, I'm playing according to the new rules! ~ Geezer.

I'm going to post less and listen more

From my heart to yours I'd like to express my involvement to post less & listen more.
This I feel will be good for me true to my prolific style in writing.
I love to comment on others work to be sure it make me feel better about myself when I do so.
In all my attempts in the past I fell on my face by making mistakes from posting a lot of poems.
This time around I'm allowing myself the express freedom to make the necessary changes in my life.
Ready for a new me.


i've spoken to Gunnar and he's unable to get on the site and wants to know what can be done!!!! why has he been blocked?
Please contact me or unblock him
thank you, valene

January contest. Poetry in 2 forms

Hello everybody. I hope all have a great new year.
We are going to start the new year by getting folks who write mainly free verse or mainly in rhyming western classic to get outside their comfort zones by having entrants write a single poem in both forms. Click on "contest" to see parameters and don't forget to put (January contest) beside title. Hope ya'll have fun........stan

There are many online options for some of the poet’s most basic tools, the word processor, dictionary and rhyming dictionary, and thesaurus. At Neopoet, it is highly recommended that you type your poetry in a separate word processor, then copy and paste it into Neopoet (here’s a video tutorial on how to copy and paste: originally shared with us by Weirdelf: thanks Jess!).

I am in the process of adding all my old educational blogs back to Neopoet and writing more. I have books of poetry and literature textbooks galore, so what poetic topics would you like to learn about?


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