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Where can I see blog entries for they seem very well hidden,

Pryderi Duntz

I compose as and when mostly sleeping dreaming
if it's good some say so others display their woe So I come to know Poetry is like a cobweb of a spider he continues till the end when he has lapped up all the saliva off he sleeps till the wind slams at him so be it so do as you know many will cry off and on Cat's just run along GONG!

The surgery

They put a new catheter or valve in my shunt so it can be more manageable because the pressure in my head is supposed to be the normal is 35 but when I would lift up my head miy pressure would go up to 49 and sun I would stand up it would go down into the negatives.

I was in a lot of pain yesterday because I just had the brains surgery and all they gave me for relief was tylonal . I’m still in the hospital because they haven’t taken the burhole out yet because they want to still measure the pressure in order to make sure I’m okay. I’ll give you updates if there is any.

My updates

I will be having brain surgery tomorrow morning

Covid Strikes

If you have been vaccinated and boosted forget about it, it don't mean shit! On a follow up with my nurse I told her my lungs felt sort of raw like a bad cold or bronchitis so she did a covid test and sure as fuck it came back positive. Symptoms like fumbling with everything I touch to feeling heated up to diarrhea being off balance and short of breath. Tomorrow I start treatment with antibody IVs. Saturday and Monday as well. The nearest center for this treatment is a hospital half way across the state of Massachusetts.

In vcu

Bare with me because I’m writing this while in severe pain my head feels a nut caught in a nutcracker getting ready to burst. I haven’t slept. When I arrives
D to vcu I couldn’t stand up straight and keep my balance. There going to do some tests tomorrrow and if they think it’s the shunt then they wi drill the whole in my skull to measure the pressure in my head .

I’m going to vscu hospital tomorrow

I will be admitted into the vscu hospital because of my head pain . They will drill another hole into my skull and see what is wrong.

O Autumn leaf

Be not alone
all are lonely

somewhere in the vastness of eternity
one calls out instantly....
still we say wait
time hasn't come yet
then loneliness

unknown come in one’s dreams
wow screams
where have you been
you say
'one now asking
an autumn leaf!'

invisible one smiles alongside
now 'tis autumn
there is no surprise
hope you too will be
some day
flying about
side beside


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