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metaphorical poetry thesaurus

metaphorical poetry thesaurus

A clear picture must come to mind

a guy wrote to me
he was gay
is a lovely metaphor

I wanted to help him grow normal
but no he insisted
now whenever I use
vanilla in my poetry
I see him leaking
as if the NIagara fall
is really piping
not falling

Indian Independence Insight

On this Indian Independence Day, rather than penning more mundane meter, the best tribute to India would be to let the sublime stanzas of this genius – a multi-talented polymath, Nobel Prize in Literature winner, poet, philosopher, composer of national anthems of 2 nations (India and Bangladesh), painter, scholar, administrator, founder of a nature-immersed school (Shantiniketan) and University (Visva-Bharati), man of letters – resoundingly resonate:

Excerpt from Gitanjali – Rabindranath Tagore

August contest

I just wanted to be clear with the contest's subject "Why did I love you"
It's a bit confound (at least for me) if the piece of poem should show regrets for having once loved somebody OR should it answer what were the features that attracted someone to his/her beloved one? Or does either work well for the judges

Update - Hello from Joe Geremia

Joe Geremia, who's posted on Neo for years,
is, as many of you know, very unwell due to
Parkinsons Disease. Joe is experiencing pain
and feels that his time is short. He's still with us,
a gift we celebrate.

He asked me to "Go on Neo and tell them
I said hello." Such a small request.

I told him I would do that for him.


As raj takes the lead on Neopoets
Kindly place all MONTHLY COMPETITION ''Poetry''

This will enable all to read all competition poetry
and at judges decisions feel pleased
why can't ye

Reaching a goal in life brings about a momentary sense of satisfaction. But mostly it just forces me into a deeper state of humility and contemplation. Because I realize how much larger the ultimate objectives truly are, and how far I remain from achieving them. Beyond this realm of trinkets, jewels, glad hands, and shiny objects.

Let’s talk about it

Workshop Title
American Renga or
Eternal Renga or
Round Robin

Tanka is a Japanese traditional poem consisting of 5 lines with a 3 lines Haiku or Senyru with 2 lines couplet. Renga is a string of Tanka created from Haiku Senyru and Couplet that creates a Renga. Thus a Renga is a Collaborative form of Japanese poetry that’s been around centuries invented by Japanese culture.

August Contest

Ok everybody get your free verse pencils sharp. This month's contest has only 3 rules : Title must be "Why Did I Love You".....must be free verse.....must have 14-19 lines. So shake off the cob webs and get at it lol..........stan

July contest winner

Please joint me in congratulating Lovedly for winning the July contest with the following poem.


Summer again was cold all along
a young chick remains glued to mom's tits he adorns
pair of sibling’s, young ones pulls each other’s hair for fun
Mom and pop are sunning at the beach
preparing for another summer’s lasting memorable one (for fun)

young upcoming teens wish to brush lips often
as they cross the permissible age
their love entwined has begun

The New Criticism

The New Criticism by I.A. Richards and T.S. Eliot

a really interesting essay, check it out at-


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