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your views on meditation before composing poetry

of meditation
Many times out of my own minds common knowledge, over the years I have preached meditation as one’s mind flows all over the immense vastness of wilderness at lightning speed. Thoughts only spread far and wide rapidly and without the human minds control. It’s then we must need to concentrate our thoughts at a place and attend to the task in hand .Many times that does not happen .At such times we need greater attention and to concentrate our thoughts we need to utter some words of intent .A simple a line or a psalm ,but very brief like an
Whatever we can say in concentration, to collect our wavering thoughts, as if to place them in the scabbard of ones mind. So repeat to yourself a sentence, a simple prayer or close your eyes or walk and say that familiar word, you chose to say. Say it with concentration, once twice or as few seconds till you can concentrate more to gain a salvation, a solace ,a comfort ,a calmer heart and compact mind, so that you know now concentration is in your minds hand .
The mind is less under control of human beings, than is ones heart, so concentrate now, let’s start with
Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm or Aameeeeeeeeeee or Aaaaaammmeeeeeeeeeenn…
whatever and see the minds electric engineering comes under wraps in your minds eyes This is all that there is to meditation. There is no necessity to sit in cross legged postures or on ones heels or haunches, it’s a simple method of holding reins of the mind, in your mind by your own minds eye.

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