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shorty or epicurial

I started off well...
liking the smoothness
the flow like a river of no return
sorry I had to abandon
as it became epicurial
that's not my cup of tea ..

so new poet do excuse me...
but if you care to
do read me

friends across the net called poets
do remember
in order to gain rapt
compose shorter poems

gist, fist and wrist
all intended in one

else guys and Romeos
most like us
will surely create a fuss
and in the
melee you may call raucous
none will read either of us

you longer fellow and me
short lived loved


This is strange to be put on stream as it is a request to other poets and could have been a Blog, where you ask for shorter poems..
At the moment we running two workshops that are of epic proportions in that me talking to Cata and watching him work has taken up 113 stanzas and that is the abridged version to be going on with.
Cata asked me to write more but I have had to let a few places slide by our travel, as we would lose too many readers, as you say we probably lost you in the first four or five or even the intro..
But young Bard these are a workshop I think that the Renga that Barbara is doing could do with your eyes I know they go on and on, but they should be complete within themselves.
Come on I know you can read longer stuff and I think you are missing so much.
Take care young Bard, Yours Ian.T

"It is just possible that once you have got past all the gods that we have created, on the other side of physics, there just may be the ordered structure "I don't believe in anyone who could have put that in my head". "Terry Pratchett"


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