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Neopoet Yearly Contest Poems And Survey 2021 Edition


Yearly Poetry Contest

 As a member of the Neopoet family the time has come to select the Neopoet of the year.  Please read the following twelve poems and click on the survey at the bottom of this newsletter.  You will be asked to vote for the winning poem.  You can learn more about the twelve poets by clicking on their profile links.  The winner of this contest will be announced in the January newsletter, and in the Neopoet website news.  The prize will be a one-hundred-dollar online visa card and one year of premium membership.

The Administration wishes all poets the best of luck and thanks all those who entered the monthly contests this year – Thank You All

Happy Holiday Season


December 2020 Contest

#1- Big Red Plastic Light-Up Santa (December Contest)

Submitted by, Michael Anthony


He stands across the room

A backlit twinkle in his eyes,

with a glow in his cheeks of polyethylene


Memories rushing forward

of dearest family and friends

Most are still here with me

but too many have departed


The specter of Christmas Past visits,

trying to haunt my thoughts

Despite the spirit’s best efforts

and winter so grey and unrelenting

I am not saddened by their absence


The company of Light-Up Santa

assures that I will still feel

those I’ve lost again

like toes warmed by the fire


Their good memories are permanent

like the smile on the face

of my red plastic Santa



January 2021 contest

#2- The Boundless Sea by, Mark


I wish to know if my spirit could be bound

Like the seemingly endless sea we found

Nobody recalls the beginning of one’s life


Stormy times we go through, amounts of strife




I wish I could tack from New England to Old


See all the glorious stories I had been told


Yet I can only see but the sweep of a gull


Above our boat and off the beat up hull




I wish I knew the meaning of you


Endless sea of greenish blue


Where storms, then calm, bring satisfaction


Where there really is no thought - planned action




I wish to know if my spirt could be bound


Or if forever in you my soul be found



February 2021 Contest


Submitted by Ray Whitaker


The ICU staff were weary

‘nother patient

had met her maker

no rest*****no rest*****no rest


stepping over the floor’s detritus

of a cardiac arrest

resulting from a respiratory



no rest*****no rest*****no rest

Paula had been beyond sad

somehow her friends, her best

were distant****had all but disappeared


a thousand million Paulas existed

and a thousand million Kens too

threat of infection misted

both Ken and Paula always seemed to be blue


watching comedy somehow made it

bearable, Dr Weknowsdis

said it so well in a comedic bit:

“We know we could not have done this worse.”


Many a truck with

the frozen boxes loaded with vaccine

late deliveries were no bliss

half a million deaths in our country seen.


Our heroes of this calamity born

still all too easy to forget

while standing by the graves to mourn

we will always be in their debt


no rest*****no rest*****no rest

firemen, ambulance personnel

truck and ups drivers too passed the test

by showing up and ringing the bell


and yet it may last another year

still there are those that won’t wear a mask

despite those warnings from the seer'

these that make others sick need to be taken to task


it’s said that there are

only two types of people

in this,

our pandemic


those that die

that hadn’t a clue

and those that survive

having fought for their life.



March 2021 contest 


Submitted by scribbler


The sun is well above the trees

on this late spring day

as we wade in mud near to our knees

in beaver ponds where wild bass play.


A cast made toward a fallen log

brings a swirl but it's a miss

on a bait which imitates a frog.

My brother laughs but it's all bliss.


The water is nearly chest deep

where he hooks on a nice bass

just as a breeze begins to sweep

the surface near some thick saw grass.


My turn next to hook a fish.

I unhook it then throw it back.

silently I make a wish

That for ever we can come back.




Rude thunder wakes me from the dream

thirty years or so later on.

Some wishes don't come true it seems

as reality arrives with the dawn.


Brother left here long ago

along with youth and strength of limb

while the years and belly grow

and I resent both of them.


I dig out a worn old photo

taken from some plane up high

of those wild ponds so long ago.

I study them and then I sigh.


For this is as close as I will come

to wading in those ponds again

which leaves my wanderlust quite numb.

I miss the strength and my close kin.........



April 2021 Contest

#5- This one lovely day

Submitted by Viviana Smith


When a crisp wind blows through the blue

and flings my hair up to kiss my face

it brings the smell of salt, and a faint memory too

the ocean sprayed its tangy taste

but its smell was syrupy sweet

I had laid my head on my beautiful boy

smelling his sweaty scent

though it was brackish it was somehow comforting

just like the ocean's breeze

I ran my hand through his luscious hair

bringing wondrous and curious scents

There was the slight smell of the juiciest oranges

and a grimy wift of dirt

it also brought that pleasant scent

that one can never describe

it makes you feel just full of love

like you could spread your wings and fly

but I snuggle down into my lovable dog

and into dreams of his wonderful aroma

and everytime I smell the ocean sweet but salty scent

I think back to that lovely day

when the smells of my love brought me sleep



May 2021 Contest

#6- Alter ego C. Wilde Night in the life

Submitted by atorn


Staring across the tension tight space


me from the door

wondering how fast a draw

how many shots

will I make it across the floor

A maniac is laughing

in the bathroom

advising in a pitched bozo voice

"It's time to grow up kids"

gotta expect that from a lunatic

yeah just grow up and quit......

sounds quite a bit

like a wife I had

and painful slow suicide

waiting gets intense

cracking like an electric charge

now poised, frozen

on the edge of a trance

long, dark and black

the moment tightly wound

the feeling tightly wrapped

the question of this space and time

when will the tuning go too far

and cause the string to snap

killing off the parrot in the corner

and making everybody laugh



June 2021 contest

#7-  Kalon

Submitted by Arrow


 spring lady beetles

destroy soft, sap-filled aphids-

faultless peach roses



July 2021 Contest

#8- Aussieland is Calling...

Submitted by Geezer


I'd like to live down-under

In Aussieland by the sea

With wallabies and waves of thunder

And Eucalyptus trees


The Outback filled with the songs

Of Kookaburra birds

And frog-filled billabongs

Grasslands and kangaroo herds


I'd listen through the night

To Aboriginal didgeridoos

Watch the sun come up bright

Look for spiders in my shoes


Ahhhh, the call of the wild

The Outback calling me

Me, a nature-child

A regular Croc Dundee



August 2021 contest

#9- Sydney Xmas Limerick

Submitted by Lamington


At Christmas in Sydney it's hot

(wintry and snowy it's not)

So on the nude beach

Remember to reach

And smother some cream on your bot.



September 2021 contest

#10- Night Rider

Submitted by c lynn brooks


Turn an eye to the

lonely sky

with billowing clouds

pregnant with rain

hiding a waning moon

winds are screaming to the night

ti's an omen

so they say


Heed where ye travel

beware what ye do

above all whisper

the words ye shall say


For he rides

in the dark

searching for men to slay

would it be the ones gone wrong

with debauchery and lie

of the evil

that men do


Keep a razor sharp eye

take care lest you stray

into a cold and darkened night

he is waiting to take your soul

and there is no giving back



October 2021 contest

#11- The Witch's Teapot (Hallowe'en Contest)

Submitted by Owl Has My Soul


Spider legs sprout and canter forth

With glorious joy and dark purpose.

Pottery tips and clackety-clicks;

A dance on the dusty wood surface.


Then a pause and a shout,

In celebration no doubt,

"Oh happy, happy day!"


Such relief it expects,

"We are going to have guests!"

Tonight, a most wicked soiree.


It's been far too long

Since our Mistress did feed.

Months! No a year, yes indeed!


Past earthenware pots,

"Such a drink I'll concoct!"

To put the fair children to sleep.


A knock on the door,

"Fill our bags, we want more!"

Unaware they're the tasty meat treat.


Outside not a sound.

They'll never be found.

What a perfectly grand Hallowe'en.



November 2021 Contest

#12 - Greener Days

Submitted by, Abby


The yellow sunshine does not live here.

The rainy clouds are friends.

trudging through layers of sludge-

We -.-soldier-.- on through the storms.

We shiver and cry ourselves to the bone.

In a sky full of stars we\


The night filled with the howls of wolves

As they descend upon the brave.

Our walls are built thick enough-

Though the cold tries hard to take souls.

Hurricane is the way of the day's mood switch.

I wish for the days of lavender air

And greener grasses.

When the daisies and mums consumed.

Lilacs are

dead in the ground.

Today I

fall underneath the late dark

And count blessings

the sky is devoid of white powder.

Ice will coat these streets soon.



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