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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Flagging the cutback

The forest bled.
Swaths of freshly shaven earth
sang Negro spirituals to a helpless sky.

A naked bed
with blue and white cloud
forever settling,

And even so
a sweet little Valentine ribbon
on the tree trunk
rolled like a Spanish r
in the high wind
coming off the cutback.

The logger nodded
and let that tree live.

Take My Hand

I've come to you
from the darkest nights of loneliness
having no one else to love
you have always been the girl that
I've dreamed of showing my true love to
baby I cant stop loving you

Take my hand
show me how to love you
take me from the darkness into light
filled with your ever lasting love
cause I've never been there before
until you came knocking at my door
to my heart
I hope our love last forever more

A Good Story

If it was
A matter
Of a good story

I would be
Ready to die

Like Lenny
To George
Tell about the rabbits

As his friend
Put the gun
To his head

He had it almost
In his hands
Though life
Had other plans

He certainly
Had it
In his heart

I think I would be
Ready to die

But perhaps
I am like
The disciples
On the road to Emmaus

Secret Desires...

He sees himself gliding
across the floor with grace
Footloose and fancy-free
in their movie place

An angel wrapped in beauty
dresses made of silk
Her thoughts trapped in the script
her skin white as creamy milk

The T.V. shows the race is done
he is a driving ace
He took the waving, checkered flag
today he's in first place

The hero is a little boy
with his dog, he saves the day
They catch the villain just in time
Everybody says "Hooray"!


mother kiss me like candles burn wax
while i drink your flower petal milk

gummy mouth baby boy
wants to suck your lovely breasts
little fingers grasping ample flesh
popping nipples like crazy puckers

i have never known

in truth i never really knew you at all
not your loving heart
not your milk giving
not your abandoned soul
your sadness
nor understood
the betrayal of father

you're just a floating face now
except of course for your inner trembling
and white knuckle desolation

Sweet Woods

Before all the birds
in the woods start to chirrup,
the trees in the woods give their syrup

Before all the plants
in the woods start to flower,
the daylight grows longer by hour

Before everything
turns emerald green,
The snow gives the woods
a magical sheen

Sweet follows sweet
Follows sweet

In the woods
at the end of the street

Before cool takes the place
of the blazing sun,
The aestival rivers do run


I've seen too many to the station
of that eternal one way train
and felt those rails' subtle vibration
which throbbed in time to parting's pain.

Now as I have become old
Now as friends have become rare
Now as the the winds have become cold
I'm almost alone standing there.

For most have gone on down the track
to that final dim destination
where all go but none come back
yet they board with little hesitation.

For Patricia (March contest)

New England forest
in the springtime;
shades of
and gray
trees and granite
leaves and moss

blueberry, fern
and saplings

Each oak grows
in its own direction
with dead branches
and bright green
new growth.

Pine all sizes
grow mostly straight.

Granite boulders
are moss covered
and scattered all over.

there are trails,
and if lucky
there may be a marsh
or even a stream
to follow

A Season In Itself

It is the hour between
six and seven

With the soft

Of the broken
kitchen sink

The loose shutter
The wind is

Against the house
Like a mad bird

That has yet to grow
Into its
Too big wings

But not loud
Enough to wake the kids

The silver bark is
By the frigid air

While you turn
Firewood outside

Into splinters
and sticks
and slabs

AGELESS LOVE (March Contest)

She wakes beside me every day
and stumbles from our bed
her hair all mussed, eyes full of sleep
she's lovely as the day we wed

Though many years have passed us now
my hair has grown both scarce and white
when I see her I still behold
the girl I met one summer night

And I still like to look at her
she makes me laugh and smile
when I tire and my bones ache
for her I'll go on for a while


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