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Last night

I saw in the darkness
white cotton shadows
lurking about to find
if I were yet asleep

I knew the moment
my eyes closed
they will come and throttle me
so I switched on my bedside light
and wow I saw all of them vanish.

Phantoms came to me
since age five
but sad for them
they must still be hungry
for my life
I at 78 am still alive

Old News.

Why do i always have to see something obnoxious

When I turn on the television to watch the news?

It's like if something isn't ghoulish or macabre it won't make the news,

And why is Africa still presented as a dark continent

When the light of civilization first shone in Egypt?

Oh I forgot the Egyptians are emigrant Arabs so they're not really African,

Look how they portray us as a bunch of barbarians and savages,

This stereotype has been in place since time immemorial throughout all the ages,

A Sonnet for the End

As raging fires burn around our place
And crashing waves threaten us, unnerve us
Your old ridges and lines, most beauteous
Grant me your strength, as I caress your face
Grant me divine love, your eternal grace
For when our joints grow stiff and cold and ache
When my bones are brittle and start to break
My shaking hands destroy our blames by mace
Wiping all imperfections from our bone
Because here you are perfect, old or new
Here I am close, perfection oh so blue
A great distant sun burns brightly alone

Wealth [Runic Symbol: Fehu]

w e a l t h is a lifetime of material and spiritual experience


In the silence of late night
I feel the eyes
and in the darkness of deep winter
i sometimes hear the stealth.

He's there

First detected years ago
I thought , perhaps, imagination.
A flit in the corner of my eye
then time passed
and the clues
became more frequent.

sometimes in crowded rooms
a full shadow sitting in the rear
who whisked away when focused on.


he's posted on Neo
for years
as many of you know

is very unwell
Parkinson's Disease

he experiences pain
feels his time is short
but Joe Geremia
remains with us

a gift we celebrate

he asked that
I say hello to you
such a small request

I said
that I would...

Reaction Reminder

Nothing can be done due to the nexus
Responding after criminal transgress
Aware of all the underhandedness
Tossing out their response and other mess

Did they forget about vocal witness?
Expecting pardon for actions ruthless?
Adherents of an ethos pitiless
Can never expect any forgiveness

Checking Out

I don't want to do this anymore
and I don't want to be here anymore.
I don't want to feel this
and I don't want to be this.
I don't want to do this anymore.

The Sun- sets


The days seem to end
as sun sets towards
the invisible horizon

there is still some time to amend
as the sun waits for a moment

they say God
but I think Grace
of the moment
to enable all to give their salutations
as the Son sets finally

the last post rings loudly
yesterday they did say

the bells must as they will
Toll today

The greatest human of the day
just like anyone else
gradually passed away

Self [Runic Symbols: Sowulo]

A sinister self chases the Satan’s spirit.


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