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September Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Samary!
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

August Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: B9Pat
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



I listen to Kristoferson
or read a bit of Frost
(I'll never equal either one)
In their words I become lost.

Beside them I take a stroll
one on a gritty grey sidewalk
with the other through an old oak knoll
while listening to the world talk.

I hear the traffic rushing by
horns and voices blaring loud.
I hear geese as they fill the sky
far away from any crowd.

When an angel cries

When an angel cries

Wind and thunder
a roiling sky
storm is approaching fast
if only it would last

Lightening flashes
then it slashes a wound
in an already broken sky

like a bolt hurled by Zeus
an onyx stallion appears
wings ablaze
sparks flying from his hooves
a wild passionate stare

A roar to rival Thor
he stands before an angel
and bows his head to her

A diamond tear trickles from his eye
and that is when an angel cries

Crisp noon

Dead Eskimo Rising

(for William Scott Home)

The yellow horizon grooves
in serrated ice light corks;
a milk crest tide meets
in an ivory ellipsis of broach
with shaped lobster crabs
arms crawling toward a
finely spun shadow pillars.

An eskimo’s face disperses
in a technicolor lake, that queue
of changing channels

Above the green ice fire
sounding a bullhorn
Crusting blank quarters
in his eyes, pausing
to stare in midriff.

Feet First

The shadows
with earthless
I'm wanting to
step off,
without fear
hope flowers.

The white cloak
kills expectation
of the womb,
a cruel wind
whips spinifex
into a frenzy
of dusty plumes.

The pearly shine
once gazed on
In awe and
now a reminder
at no time
did looking up
fix the fence



I was feeling
my chest was too tight
was it like my last night

Went off the air

Now I return
having tasted
a new imagery
a fresh vision

No one can go
neither could Buddha
or any Lord for that matter
unless the spark does extinguish
or does finally banish
and then
ultimately lightening
does one arrest

those who consider themselves
as immortal
this is just a glimpse
of what could
or would happen

Only My Heart Knows

My heart knows what I need;
It whispers your name,
Like a sweet melody.
It dances passed my ear drum,
Like music, a bliss, endless pleasure.
My heart knows what I want;
You skin wrapped around my bones,
Enveloping me.

You Can Hear

tonight you can heed to the bat of ill repute
sincerely takes a good campaign you reek a jellow smile,
prefer a baked potato of the Mexico....
you can hear the owl with the mask in vibrant act
sorrow in the days that have gone before us;
waiting..freedom in the tear jack page
awake to act your age

you can hear me as far as the surface toil
of through angel hair pardon the honest claim
to sit outside by tyhe pizza man
shout between the garage will sneak


Dear daughter, I might not be present
to hand you this present in person.
Before you get this I must have been gone
To wherever the demon that
invented your name in my head please.

'Gold', it is a beautiful name you got
Adore it,
Let your Lustre touch the ends of the earth.
Be an example to the ones whose gazes pierce your back.
Remember that when the mother goat
breaks into the yam store her kid watches her.

The Captain of Our Hopes

A musician dribbles notes like basketballs
Swishing shots
Into the hoops of our hearts

An architect determines angles
With angel’s wings
Making of the protractor
A divine art

A painter makes of nothing
A world of feeling
Picking colors and assigning
Splendid strokes

But a teacher with a knack for
Is the real captain of our hopes


All we believed was that our brothers came,
We never really knew what it was like
when the Reaper flash an unfriendly grin.
We weren't carefree, we were just generous,
Besides, after the war they pledged One Nigeria.

Since we were all farmers we gave them land
To mount their tents and fields their herds could graze,
Which would later be our unbecoming.
Old habits abound, as our people say,
No matter where the raven goes the darkness follows.


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