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May 2021 Contest Announcement!

This month show the alter ego you always dreamt of. All entries must be 12 to 32 lines and written in any style. Good luck to all that participate in this contest
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April 2021 Poetry Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Viviana Smith
For winning the April 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
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Neopoet Random Challenge 3 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about the topic presented below. Use chosen topic from below as a title. Please make sure your poems are between 12 to 32 lines
This month's topics.

Recent news story
Mission impossible
A children’s poem

Whatever topic speaks to you please use as your title and select challenge from above under the contest drop down menu on submit a poem

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Neopoet Random Challenge 2 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about the topic presented.
This week's topics
1)When I am old
2)I will show you
3)My Love affair with junk food
4)Next time I take a taxi

Whatever topic speaks to you please use as your title and select challenge under the contest drop down menu on submit a poem

April 2021 Contest Announcement

This month let your nose do the writing. Our contest this month asks what that smell reminds you of. This sounds like a lot of fun so lets see what your creativity come up with.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Our Love

Our love was an ivory boon,
Which reigned with the angels in the night.
We would kiss beneath the moon,
Among the statues in the light.
But your death arrived too soon,
And so soared our felicity out of sight,
Which was once so gold, which was once so bright.

Now all that I can ponder,
All that I can see,
Is your fair face over yonder,
In a court of majesty,
Surrounded by slender, radiant fountains,
Where in a haze, you dream,
In the square beyond the mountains,
Lazing by a falling stream.

Spring is calling

At the death of dawn
flourishes the
fawning fragrance
of the flowers.
Beckoning the
bashful birds of blue
to flutter and fly
letting their white
wings ski across the
soft sapphire lit sky .
Then the world lifts
It’s scintillant
honeysuckle eye
watching the soft
silken clouds sail
on by .

I Will Show You

Faces change individually
We are mutations you and I
All blood puzzled
Bodies of flowing DNA
Needing to gasp with green fungi
Floating in arterial raceways

Born screaming in agony
Quick to smile
There are only lies
Consequences in living color

All of history
Becomes a birth
With a + to DNA

So hear me say;
I will show you
I'm a man, and
Could procreate
Every day,
But that is not
The modern way...

The Muse


I shall leave the city, the bustling town.
I shall walk to the outskirts of the wild plains,
And drink from heaven mystic rains,
Lying in the reeds, drunk upon the down.

My shoes are worn, of coats I have one.
I am a martyr of the furrows and the fields at play.
I live for adventure and the brilliant, gilded, golden day,
Come the weeping moon, or the soporific, gleaming sun.

Nearly Was Last Journey

As life flows like a river
the banks of the river also give way.
no boatmen dare come closer
as much as to share
a minuscule hand of love

Life gradually surges
the speed of the heart hastens
is the estuary yet far away
someone say
mind beckons

the river of love
to merge with its mummy ocean
do they merge tonight
let us see
come besides me

Who By Decree

Upon human frailties
the collectors will prey
and who by decree
does ask for my soul

Cold is the night
colder still the shadow
that walks beside me

Knowing well
to whom it belongs
no,I need not see the eyes

For they would glow
an ocean blue
flecks of fire
from within
would streak across
like fury

You've come to collect
but I've not yet given
of what was asked

Next Time I Take A Taxi... [Random Challenge 2]

Next time I take a taxi
I'll ask about my friends
I'll ask if this one, that one
Have come to employment's end?

Is Paul still driving Mondays
How about that skinny girl
You know that one named Marcy
How about old Earl?

I miss the same old faces
Some customers have died
There was that kid from rehab
He was always fried

I used to love to drive them
I liked the job just fine
I miss seeing those faces
Like to think they're missing mine

I WILL SHOW YOU (The promises of parents)

I will show you how to hunt
And not to be hunted
I will show you how to fish
You will not beg for a fish
I will show you how to farm
You will never lack food

The Dark Eyed Sorceress and DÁIRÍNE Dell

Dimly lit were the fires one night and somber the gathered souls
a sadness lingered in every eye for one of their own was lost out in the cold
… the Storyteller surveyed them all, and in softened whisper said
Allow me to tell you a story… the story of DÁIRÍNE Dell



Very few know
I say
want to do

each one is living
in a homely prison
we all know
but can do nothing much at all
only live in a zoo like environment

get a shot
if lucky two

then what can anyone do
if virus does its task to screw
like a post divorcee
would love to


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