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HOPE (January Contest)

It flows like a river
Which flooded many kinds
It conceives confusion
Though all were aware
The joy and happiness we had
But the smoke of hardship
And the dust of poverty overwhelm.

The Beginning of a new dawn
The sunrises with hope
For better sight and good Vision
For a fresh struggle and hustle
We are all concerned
The time must be our partner
When the year is still an infant
Never lose hope.

A Prayer To My Destiny

My destiny!
My ever present,
invisible, invincible companion.
Wings like an eagle I ask of you.
So above the mount of haze
and beyond the cloudy sky
I could soar and nestle.

In the vale of haze
for a steep I ask of you,
to a plane higher than it's
baleful eyes.

My destiny , my feet ,
I implore you to hasten,
in the midst of gale of cruel fate,
to a tranquil plane of harmonious
solemnity with my heyday.

Less Horizons...

Less Horizons…

Sneaking up on me
On tip-toe and silent feet
I was riding high and free
But old age and I would meet

I out paced it by my youth
I had so much heart
Now I was to learn the truth
What I should’ve known from start

Old age don’t play by rules
Neither does it care
It will steal the family jewels
It will take away your hair

The strength that you once had
Will slip off and go away
Your bones will hurt extremely bad
You’ll be weaker every day

Research for happiness

Occupational happiness

Having traversed this continent
over so many decades and years
I feel happiness
is a consequence of some important things

its food, clothing and money
brings in happiness to many

as teens grow up
to become young gentlemen and women
Sex is the longing
initially it was love of mommy and siblings,
If any
later replaced by pets

in the long run of life
work aside
a hobby is must to pass
most of the blank time

The Man With The Embroidered Skull Cap

Charlie entered the room, sat at a corner table,
his gait was frail, but firmly stable,
all dressed in black,
with a red and black skullcap,
it was neat, no frayed fringes,
his cap opened on hinges,
he sat in his mood,
of troubled solitude,
he was a loner,
he was straight, not a stoner,
but life was in a skid,
as he flipped back his lid,
inside he removed a time piece,
stating that voices wouldn't cease,
he had to let the voices out,
to remove any doubt,
for it really did matter,

message for JOE from poet lovedly his old fan

misses him dearly
as for after life there is no such thing
none has gone beyond the graveyard
6 feet deep.....
including the PHARAOHS
whose body decayed

So live in peace
as you may
there is no heaven
but if you have a belief
do stay
enjoy your present days

who am I to say
what I say
take it or leave it
it's your


Without mobile phone
Does not leave you all alone
Just sets a nice tone


I’ve been shooting at stars

in lazy floods

all day in this Rapture,

hoping I strike a piece

of you so it will fall in diamond,

green Liberty frost, something I can chew on.

Your braided dream lilies were wound

with uranium dowsing rod bits crafted

this way by an alchemist in a deleted scene

from a silent noir. It is for this space ordained

you, this panel rifling, midnight’s confessional lit

in your belly button, and here, your kiss bitten

psychophage waiting for your heart’s Host

From Joe Geremia - Message for Steven/Esker


You left us too soon
but now you know
what it's all about.

I don't know
if there's an afterlife
but I hope
there's a place
where you have found

Soon to follow,

(Joe asked me to post this for him.)

age with grace

Age with Grace_..

Well we all have to age
some day
one day
but age
we must gracefully

not many come to hold our hands
maybe contagious
may be you will seek

so stay afar
don't ever expect
you will have no disappointment said Buddha ere

but now a day’s who listens
one listener is rare
so I read you
I don't stare

I see myself like you without hair
eyes dark stark and bare
look into the far depths of maddening darkness
but with no despair


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