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Community News

A sad announcement

February 19, 2020

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jess Tapper (weirdelf). Jess was a founding member, a former member of the Board of Trustees, the first ever Neopoet AEC Chair (in addition to being an eight time AEC/AC member), and most recently, the Director of Workshops and a member of our Cabinet.

We will hold a series of events to memorialize Jess, including:

- Jess Tapper's friends on Neopoet will host a chat room on Saturday, February 22, at 7 pm Eastern (11 am on Sunday, February 23 in Sydney, Australia)

- We've opened our forum -

Andrew & Paul

Legends, Myth and Tall Tales

Dark Side Chat with Geezer presents stories on the wild side. Do you believe in big foot, aliens or ghosts ?
Write a poem about any above subject or your own. This coming Saturday at 8 PM EST.
If you want your poem scrolled please contact Neopoet Chat by private message by Thursday midnight.

Come join our monthly contest read the description below.
Description:This month's contest will be about an EARLY Spring, not just Spring, but an early Spring. It should be thirty lines or less, (one or two more will be allowed). Any form, it must be about anticipated, wished for or actual. From any viewpoint; yours, children, animals, ect. Prewritten poems are allowed but must conform too parameters.

January 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Sparrow 42
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

Election Results (February 2020)

We would like to cordially welcome the new members of the 26th Administrative Council:

Alan S Jeeves, AC Chair

And, in alphabetical order:

c lynn brooks
Roscoe Lane

Please join us in congratulating the new AC and wishing them the best for the upcoming term.

AC Election: Announcement (January 2020)

Our election begins today, with the following individuals on the ballot:

Roscoe Lane
Miranda Ortiz
Edna Sweetlove
Alan S Jeeves
c lynn brooks

The election will continue until Saturday, February 1st (5 pm Eastern Time).

You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:


The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Lethargy by Brian Patten

You have dreamt so often of what you would do
If your life were irrevocably changed
That when you are forced finally from the route best understood
And on to another, less obvious way,
You think at first fantasy will sustain you.
Sink then dreamer into what might have been!
For though on the brilliant branch
The brilliant fruit still clings
It is no longer reached with ease,
And its dazzle’s frightening.

Creed of Love

When my eyes beheld you that night,
You walked away in tears
That dripped down as beads, your flowy drapery drenched
As you trod down that path buried
Under a cluster of trees sleepless
In the nights they bow to August wind gust;
Then upon fragile lilies underneath litter an eyeful of dews.

Turtledove’s Lament

I hear the sweetest “Coo-coo-rooo,”
The calling of a turtledove.
No doubt, she’s asking, ‘Who are youuuu?’

I coo, “Are you the dove I love,
The one who’d fill my feathered nest
With bliss, and preen my love-filled chest?”

But now I hear one “coo-coo-rooo,”
Announcing prior ownership.
In sadness I coo my ‘Adieu,’

Lament this star-crossed bird courtship,
And fly away to distant trees—
No more to “coo-coo-roo” my pleas.

Metaphysical guilt

Confined in your mind,
there’s nothing left to improvise
apart from what little life remains;
inside your head some scars are drowning you,
they leave you in the sweat of the unwise.

Inviting death to share your bed...
It’s just a ghastly way of cheating fate –
this guilt that always tears apart
the entrails of your shadow’s hate.

Edna's Advice to Would-be Lotharios

Women sometimes need a little gentle coaxing
To get them in the mood for rumpy-pumpy,
But contrary to widespread male opinion
Prawn Vindaloo is not an surefire aphrodisiac
Especially when washed down with seven pints of ale,
Or a bottle or two of old rare cheapo brandy
As this can cause a bit of unseemly regurgitation
And can lead to unfortunate flatulence or worse.

Daydreams (February contest)


We stripped in the rain,
ensnared by Spring’s glow,
eager for a primal kiss.

Moist embraces,
cloudbursts full of pauses,
strum of robust reeds
swaying over pastures.

Cherry blossoms and songbirds
revealed youth’s clumsiness.
Earth’s allure enhanced
our awkward nudity.

As snowdrops triumph
over winter’s reign,
lust sprouted, fumbling,
from our virgin bodies.

In my daydreams, I long for
our irretrievable Spring.

Turkey in the Straw and Spring (February Contest)

Finally, Jack Frost loosened his grip
on my fruit trees to depart for the pole.
Bare twigs transform into overwhelming
blossom bows, and my unrestrained soul
spreads its wings to soar heavenward. I am
the hitherto bored boy who unshackles
wintery bonds to rush into the arms of Spring.

Warm breezes lure me to the nearby knoll
and I fly my homemade kite, but then
my eye espies a horned lark tumbling through
the air, emitting streams of tsee-ee sounds.

• Song of peace •

Let's put guns and bombs on silent like our cellphones.
If you never reckon a call, remove the battery and keep off it.

Let's vibrate not the Earth and heart with sour music of bullets.
Let not our mother tongues spring ambush in our lands.
Let's gather and drink from one cup.

Let us learn not to stone birds in the sky.
Let's learn to swim like fish in the same pond.
Let skin color be no crisis among ourselves.

Dancing Balls

A very diplomatic poet
decided to wait
let his girl fan
show her gait
ere he upon her charms
does begin to vibrate

this composition
of a poem
in silence
let her wait
golf balls
in his pocket

keep her in waiting
why be blunt
better remain silent
lovely cool decision

why be erratic
let time roll by
like a golf ball
off one's pocket
on to the greener carpet

cell now switched off...

The Others May Go

The paths all maunder
In herds of the crowds and in flocks such as these
Some aimlessly saunter
For long! So far! As far’s the eye sees

One notices certainly And I’m not one to say
The vestiges left by the passerby
They stretch ‘fore the eye all the way, all the way
The hooves in the sand- they’re remembered by

Afore them’s the trace of some elder- for sure
Had traipsed down this trail- a century ago
The people; their path is depicted before
And all that is left is for them to just -go!


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