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Description: Write a poem to your childhood self. 12 to 32 lines written in rhyme or free verse .

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How often I have wondered
Am I the only foolish poet here

I read so many younger ones
often realize they are hiding theirs
but who cares
they too are aware
no one really cares
of what they do or don't wear
just enjoy theirs

don't ask me
reading em all has forced me
to feel
I'm the only poet born
make it not naive
admit it so foolish

I really is

The Way a Poet Should Dress


It’s nice to write
from one’s generation,
but that’s not how one starts.
Save it as jewelry.

Save the necktie, too,
if you can’t decide
which hangs on which.

In fact, to start, save nothing.
Start somewhere before
the clothes rustle in the drawer.

Then snap them out
and build them on you.
Wrinkle obsession
in the starch of your pants,

but button with care,
as a seamstress does.
Some will say change often:
make haste, but let words wear.

A silent seed

A subtly
silent seed
begins to bleed
out it’s
numbing need .
To passionately
plunge through
the persistent
pounding palms
of pressure
and proceed
to succeed .
Gradually growing
into the grimy
grasps of greed.


Dysfunctional dad gone by the age of 5,
No arguments ,
Just silence.
Mourning your absence , craving attention
Just from the age of 5.
I beg for you back but she just says no.
The reminder of you stays in this home

She found someone new,
Smiling again.
Yet something ain't right ,
I am not her friend…

I am lazy , scruffy and a disappointment in itself,
Haven't heard these words since before you left.
I remind her of you .
In my eyes , in my heart.
I am back at the start.

Within the Eye

Mindless obedience, the cycle
Holding temporary words so dear
One would die at the chance to encounter
Yet, so insignificant for the protruding figure

Standards of the self, thrown through
Since found our loves and shrines of joy
No need or soul that’s left to prove
Escape from their conniving ploy

Together we’ll break from society bounds
Recalling moments they’d hide and cave
Show our strength out from the crowds
To mould this new-found sense of safe

Fantine (A Les Miserables poem.)

Ladies line the French harbor as night sets in,
Stokers purge the streets for the one,
Snatched and shoved and used,
Selling most everything for her little youth.
Fantine fears her fate,
Ten francs hit the table,
The men take her pride,
One man spares her soul,
She lay in bed at hospice,
Missing her young daughter,
She said her final goodbye.


The light of your love shines within me,
my heart now swims in your brook,
the joy of my mind is now elevated,
now i'm relying in the arms of your love.

Day by day my soul sings a melody,
a rhythm of love that is unrelenting,
you know well you're my new crush,
and i'm ever ready to take you as mine.

For a real love never hides it self,
each moment it displays a feeling,
a feeling of romantic love and emotion,
you're now my dream, my dream reality.

Spirals Entangled

Whose attraction is such
May i orbit you forever
Entangled in a spiral dance
Envied by the earth and moon
Gravity can but observe in dismay
Even her pull can not pull me away

Van Gogh

lay down the canvas of star spasm
flatly where poverty lived, where
the roads fell away to the river.

He spread the spring-wrenched
waters of greens and yellows
with a straw touch of fever. He leaped
through the ripples,
having tossed no stone.

And he kissed only the soul whip
and sun-stroked through the southern hell’s breath,
and wandered his last years
through flailed nerves and the chaff of love.

His death was one which
living stung the stones.


Need to take a sabbatical
let oldies take a back seat
now the newer generation
after the swans have flown
take over the scene

Since SUN does set over all human fields
glory be now shared amongst a newer breed
let's them now feed
the grass is still green
ere NIAGARA snows
prepare a WHITE shield
relax if you feel


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