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Forest Tapestry

A gentle breeze,
kiss of leaves,
each branch of the tree,
has it's minuet,
in forest tapestry.

Poplar, pollen, in drapery,
hanging moss,
lichen, so tirelessly.
Bush, tree, weave,
changing forest tapestry.

Raging brook, over flow,
nature changing, texture show.
Rock and stone, carelessly strewn.
Creating a home,
in forest tapestry.

Skiing poem

The plane
its shadow
- smaller 
and smaller -
finally melts.

My smile 
grows larger
than my body.

The road curls
between snow banks.

Cars are beads of sweat
on the mountain's chest.

Sun dives
through opaque
clouds and smirks.

weighted down --
wet snow on old firs.

I glide,
slide and drop
dancing with birds.

quiet tumble,
heels over head.

Origami [Sunku WS]

Still waters
were soaking
my paper boats

I jumped
out of their
sinking feelings

turning them
into balloons


Late winter rain taps on the tin
of the roof of my small home
asking, perhaps, to be let in.
It's tapping echoes in my dome.

The echoes shake loose memories
from cob webs undisturbed for years
which drift like milk weed on a breeze
and unseize memory's stiff gears.

Young days when hills were not so steep,
jack frost crunching beneath boots
during the cold of winter's deep
while far away a barred owl hoots.

To The Venus Girl

To the Venus flytrap of fasting
green laced with a starfish filigree
tying at the bookend spine
seen through these opera glasses of tinfoil
and just now burning.
Did you know by the way
The night is a bruise flaking
from a humongous apple
crawling with fire ants
dark in the exact angles
splashed by a new Madonna’s facemask
secreted in a Cabinet Photograph
lithographed in a gnostic lamb’s
healing by the cubed troubadours
You are the subject now
of marble hula hoops
of a unicorn’s freedom

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior

he knew he had to leave his throne and come down to be a little child by Mary
in time he would grow but there are things you ought to know my Jesus showed
the furtherance of the gospel some would end up in the hospital but he would rise
That day in the garden he knew it others sort of blew it but he went threw with it
Took the blows each one in piercing agony to scream but he woul lick his wounds clean
In every human heart to impart the drama to unfold leaves you feeling breathless & alone

sms'd ;;;;step 'side kindl' son'y me (kinda)

Step aside kindly sonny me

Of human relationships
When we are young
and under constant supervision
we are trained to behave
in a paternal
parental orientation

as we grow up
more years of experience and knowledge added
then at 18 we realize
who are really we

Writing Poetry and of Poets

I will write of the gems I have held
Some in my mind others in my heart
Yet they are held with a love so pure
A thought that will fill eternity’s hold

There is a band of poets striving away
They are from all places with all thoughts
Here they play with words in tidy rows
Though we must take each word carefully

When you speak of their words, talk with calm
Be gentle with their lives as they burden you
Think of all they have been through or why
They come to us each day poetry to unfold

Luminous Strides [Sunku WS]

Back stage
she readies
for a catwalk

Steps out
and dazzles
a crescent smile

her radiance
with every stride

Angel Love

Felt down and out
crushed in spirit
alone in my soul

I felt unloved
in my spirit

then the angels came
surrounded me
angel speak

I fell asleep
like a baby
loved and appreciated

the dawn came
my heart wide open
waiting on the sky light

the moon sets
the sun rises
a new day, I rise up


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