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The Spill

We sat on our spot
The backwash embankment,
Bald Eagles perched
On tree bones petrified
Over lush lily pads

But reminisce of the Gulf,
Times we spent there
Everything clean and bright

Our hearts often
Went speechless,
Visions of tropical life
Falling into a deep depression
-storms approached

The Conversation


Dews on wilted petals, ephemeral hopes which die
Wrap around frozen trees, as white, thorny briars;
In the miasmic air
In the moonlit square
A fountain, forgotten, does lament and cry
And solemnly expires.

Next to the dreadful, solitary park
A breeze blows forsaken, ominous and dark,
Consuming the night, and its prescient fires.

One Step At A Time

heart races
palms start to sweat
as you bring me
to my knees
hoping somebody
can hear me whisper
"save me"

the room is closing in
wish my guardian angel
paid house visits
at four in the morning

in the back of my head
my shrink’s speech on
taking deep breaths
seems a steady course

not tonight. I want to speak
yes you heard correctly
i want to chat with fear

Why Not

Immortality @82
still look and live young
When I was born into princeliness
for seven years ate butter apples bananas
eighth year Topsy Turvy
fate made me a pauper
still lived though meagerly

Gradually used intelligence
to lead a life of aristocracy
enjoyed every moment
of good health, food and exercise

I believed In Something Too Quickly
Never but never believe in love to quickly
the let down hurts
in the words of Cat Stevens "love hurts,love, scars,love wounds and mars"
I'm sure it does
so why do I keep believing in love?
Well there is always a tomorrow
to look to
always hope
that the one special person
will come along

I still believe
I still have hope
my journey is not at end
call me a fool if you will
then a fool I will be

The Survivor

he never meant to survive
the aides are all female here
we put our arms beneath his
and lift him from his wheelchair
to the toilet
we hold him up until we're done
so he will not fall forward
ours are the only women's arms
he will ever know now
because he thought he could not live
without the arms of one
before his parents died
they took the gun and threw it
into the fastest river they could find
lost forever like the son they thought
had lost his mind to puppy love

He's Amused...

The room is dimly lit
He waits quiet for his muse
She's out there having a good time
He's asked, but she's refused

He said, Come and play with me
I need your input now
She's like, I'm not ready yet
Stop having such a cow

I'll get there when I'm ready
You've got nothing else to do
I'll have a story when I'm done
He knows that it is true

Dull Sunday

Let me leave
the world today
twill neopoets '
don't take me me seriously
I am just lazy
with a mind hazy
all asleep

Thundore's Quest

Sound of trumpets,
Could be heard,
In the vast horizon,
Of the Savannah world.

Dust from his feet,
Thundore the bull,
Leads the herd.

Ears like banners,
Flapping in the wind,
Tusks that glisten,
In Savanah sun.

With one great blast,
Thundore leads the way,
To the great watering hole,
Down the way.

In the distance,
Thundore did see,
The great watering hole,
Glistening in the sun.

Last Man (contest I Believe in Something too Quickly)

In a time that’s not marked
by the hands of a clock
nor the afterglow of setting suns,
Superman overflies a luminous, beholden Earth.
He has accomplished his mission.


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