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Renga 18 (Rain/Raindrops) workshop

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Sweetest Confections Confession

Deliciously sweet the
taste of heaven on my lips
is what I felt the moment we kissed.
O how I crave and how I miss
the sweet warmth
of your tenderness
of your bodies bliss
Love awakened by a kiss
It is love I seek in your eyes
reflecting the love from
deep inside.
I await anxiously
to coincide
with your every step and stride
mentally we are side by side
I am yours I have no pride
No other force can divide
the love between us
only multiplies

renga ?

The flowing deluge
has rained down upon my soul.
the sky’s again blue

Rain/Raindrops Renga 18

Each droplet of rain
a mercenary of life
god sends from the skies

we hear them knock on roof tops
waking us to join rain dance

Love fall from heaven
dark skies rain clouds are forming
silvery droplets

body cries out for comfort
from a stream boiling inside

Sun heats the waters
mist is freed of gravity
the clouds puff out full

butterfly exits cocoon
as clear drops fall on my head

Sometimes as drizzle
at times in heavy torrent
drops of rain perform

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