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Open to new participants


Description: Any style, any length (but please have a heart as to length as the judge likely has limited time)

Sponsor(s):Scribbler, geezer

Objectives: Giving a peek into author's life and how he/she came to be what they are today

Subject matter: Life's ups and downs

How Judged:

Prose as poetry: the prose-poem

Description: To review the history and philosophy of "prose-poems" related to poetry. After sharing examples of critical opinions and literary criticism, we will share our favorites. In the last part of the workshop we will write a poem and a prose poem with the same basic content to see the value of each.

Moderator(s): Eumolpus

Wed, 12/04/2019 to Sat, 11/21/2020

Immersing the reader via imagery (Let's get started)

Description:We are going to explore the effective use of imagery to draw the reader into the poem.We will use both discussion and exercises to do this.

Leader: scribbler
Moderator(s): Mark

Objectives:Learning how to use imagery to "show" instead of "tell".

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter:We will use both member and classic poetry in the shop in order to explore an important use of imagery.

Mon, 09/16/2019 to Thu, 10/31/2019

November contest

Description:A bit of autumn fun. Be sure to put "November contest" next to title and to hit contest tab at bottom of page when submitting


Objectives:Just to make folks at least smile

Subject matter: Ok write on any subject in any form. Only requirement is at least a touch of humor and try to keep it under 30 lines if possible. Have fun

How Judged:by single rotating anonymous judge


This is any open workshop for everyone and for all poetry. All poems (even those in other workshops) are included here.

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