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We dont need another Earth

I press the glass of wine to my lips
and skim the internet news
three earth-like planets discovered
what if there is life out there?
I keep reading...
abused children
crooked cops
I drink more wine
trying to separate myself
from this humanity

Editing stage: 


If Only! There is at the moment holy wars going on as they did back in the dark ages right up to the present, people fighting over deserts as in WW11, what is a matter with us humans.
There on a beautiful planet stood the first man then it was too late, not only for the man, but the planet that will be scarred.
The Planet will recover and carry on without man, reaching another evolution period without the fear that man will be greedy any more.
Good write if only we could see better,
Yours Ian..

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"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

Welcome back. No need worry about us spreading our plague to other solar systems.......unless we somehow manage to come up with a faster than light drive lol. I good poem of introspection......stan

only hope that if we do ever get out there, we will be a whole lot different than we are now!
I like the thought process here. Almost like we were having a conversation! Nice job!~ Geezer

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