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We are

We wait for things to happen
We wait for change to come
But what we miss to understand is
we are what needs to be done

We are the things to happen
We are the errands to be ran
We are the fights to be fought
We are the battles to be won

We are the sensitivity to be felt
And the hatred to be gone
We are the ones to care
We are the humanity to return

We are the dreams to be reality
And the realities to be undone
We are the hearts to clean
We the trash to be burn

We are the problems to solve
We are the unfit to be torn
We are the children to be raised
We are the babies to be born

We are the minds to reset
We are the mentality to be changed
We are the services to appreciate
We are the no good to be replaced

We are the air to be cleared
We are the actions to be explained
We are the broken to rehabilitate
We are the self to motivate

We are the failures to levitate
We are the victories to be praised
We are the resolutions to implement
We are the ideals to be embraced

We are the beauty to explore
We are the light to be followed
We are the reasons to believe
We are the voices to be heard

We are the ego to let go
We are the details to be enjoyed
We the vibrations to be generated
And we are the souls to be connected

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Yes often the change needed is within ourselves. You might consider condensing this poem a bit if you want to begin each line with the same word. PS if you have any problems here feel free to contact me. If I can't help I'll point you to somebody who can

I think you should reconsider editing this poem as there are rough spots and a lot of repetition which is unnecessary . I will help you if you like.

*hugs, Cat

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