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Mantle sealed is tiger stamps.
All infringe are tyrants tanks.
Full in blasts are tyrants’ forces.
China tyrant fires as torch.

Torch is bad and torch is mad.
Baths and combs are monkey heads.
Laagers tents are fail but safe.
Empty talks with sins are faith.

Faithless royal P.L.A. come.
Funny farms have funny counts.
Waves aside are china faith.
Baffle gaps are china says.

China P.L.A. is torches are spoils.
Dogs must watch the lubes and oils.
Torches influence lines are lives.
China tyrants are nasty nice.

Onto upstages are UPPISH shows.
Baths in bloods are tyrant zone.
Put on lug and lug on all.
Wars of miffs are sad to call.
---------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---------

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Unless I am silly and stupid, which is quite possible, you write nonsense that is not even amusing

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