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Cure China WUJANTO madness

Cure for china tyrants like WUJANTO..
Powers fetishism bosses are over lords.’
All people fetishism worship evil ways as acts or gestures from china tyrants.
Wiling victims eat their plums. Placeman places may be upper classes.
Varying degrees of forces for torments and squeezes may come up.
Laws enforcements all deterrence all is total.
Congresses members most are mandated.
Mandatory self is purest commies.
Change and lack for doing rights are china tyrants. LACKADAY all is china.
Gradualism all for letting down controlling powers all are dampen also could stop.
Cure and treat China overlords that like WUJANTO or WEIN KAPO will need.
Aversive conditional stimulus needs as electric shock our tyrants and thus gives them pleasures when their thinking go well. On the contrast give painful electric shocks when they go to evil thinking that you may state or address.
Electric care and psychologies therapies must good for WUJANTO and some other china tyrants all as over lords.
Thorny facts are their willingness and cooperation.
Psychology therapy or LACKADAY china gained.
------------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-----------.

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Structured: Western
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Since you have not selected any level of wanted criticism, I'm going to assume that you want the raw truth.

I can only assume that this effort is the result of translating cantonese or mandarin, probably cantonese, into english by using Google Translate, or some other Internet translator.

Cantonese does not translate well when fed through a computer program; the language is far too nuanced, inflected and contextual to allow any machine translation that even approaches accuracy, as evidenced by what I can only call this pile of almost-meaningful lines.

If I were you, I would take the time and make the effort to translate your chinese poem into english yourself; it would be a good exercise in honing one's english skills, and would almost certainly be more understandable.

Respectfully, Race

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

this is not a poem, it's a political diatribe, maybe well meant and apropos but still, not poetry.

We would love to be able to make some sense about
what you are saying here. Please do take Jim's (Race_9togo)
advice and take the time to translate into something we here
can all understand. I've read all four of your submissions and
they all have that "almost meaningful quality", but the translation
into English is skewed.

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