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Street Soldier Young

Street Soldier Young….

You didn’t have to die young soldier,
at the hands of those black hearted fools.
Would you have lived until you were older,
if our leaders learned to play by the rules.

They preach about prosperity and peace,
while starting wars all over our lands.
They’d rather have our power increase,
than look after the poor in our hands.

Does that idiot Duncan Smith even care,
ripping through our poor like a storm.
will he worry where to eat, what to wear,
no he’ll always have a buddy to keep warm.

Does he know of you or where you came from,
the streets where you were born and raised.
There’s two parts to our united kingdom,
if he knows ours, then I’ll be amazed.

It’s your life about which we should talk,
that you fought and survived the Afghan.
You certainly knew how to walk the walk,
like my sons to soon you were a man.

I don’t believe in god or any kind of religion,
still in your final moments I hope it was there.
It’s the human race that I’ll pin my hopes on,
but those with wealth must learn to share.

Soon I’ll find out about death, or not,
I wish you could have some of my years.
We’ll never know if this is our lot,
if dead insects ever shed or cause tears.

I won’t say it for your obviously not sleeping,
but if it’s there I hope you do find grace.
Now I feel sorry for those still left weeping,
they have the horrors of this world still to face.

Last few words: 
In memory of the young soldier murdered on the streets of woolwich, near wher i live..
Editing stage: 


Duncan Smith was unfamiliar to me till I Googled him. What a limp prick! There are too many of them. What do they hope to gain? Is it "evil". I kind of understand the ultra-rich seeking more and more power to try to control the world, but this just doesn't make sense. Him, I mean, not your poem.

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This was something that really struck home, as my two sons are soldiers in the british army. They were based at Woolwich camp where this young man died, but moved out about four years ago. The war was a mistake, and will only see more young soldiers dying to defend the establishments policy. Thanks for your comments. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

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