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Spring Fever

Spring has arrived, or so I think.
Tap water's yellow from the sink.
Again I smell that barnyard stink.

The snow is melting extra fast.
The sterile white of winter's past.
With no more icy north wind's blast.

I like springtime but I confess,
Sometimes it brings me extra stress.
My yard is such a muddy mess.

I almost hate to go outdoors.
It seems I have so many chores.
The mud gets tracked in on the floors.

My rubber boots just sprung a leak.
There's too much water in the creek.
I hope it's gone within a week.

The Crows are back and Robins sing.
I really love the sounds of spring.
I would not trade for anything.

Some Frogs are singing in the slough.
I have so many things to do,
And every day there's something new.

I get up in the early morn,
To see how many calves were born.
To give the cows a feed of corn.

Must get my greenhouse on the go.
The roof has caved in from the snow.
I should have fixed it long ago.

The Flies are back and I hear Bees.
With new leaves coming on the trees.
Forget Mosquitoes, if you please.

When spring is gone I'll pray for rain,
To help me grow those fields of grain.
I'll rest when winter comes again.

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Welcome to Neopoet fellow Albertan. I loved your rhymes and yes I am a rhymer as well. What a great picture you painted with this piece. It brought back yearnings to be on a farm again. Good job well done.


a different take on Spring the other side of Spring.. Best wishes for the contest..

raj (sublime_ocean)

which has a climate a bit like LA, not much difference in the seasons. But this made me feel your pleasures, joys and mozzies!

Thanks, you have a way with words and rhymes. Don't forget to give feedback to other poets.

Neopoet Directors

In the first part of the poem you reject spring, which is has some very nice takes- the smell, the mud, the chores, who needs it! But then the switch to the common loves of the birds and how you would not trade it for anything...but you then return to the downside of flies and mosquitoes and the chores... so which is it? Love or Hate? I would chose one, and especially I like the down side, as that is so rare...who doesn't sing praises of spring?


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

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