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Solidified Hurt

Today, I have grown a heart of stone
I look not again upon the stars
Nor delve into the craters of my scars
Deep hurt already rings inside of me in an abysmal tone

I have questions. Curse them anyway
Never do I get straight answers
Nor am I ever pointed towards the right way
I foot all alone in my misery, night and day

I rove like an outcast upon the dead zones
With pain as the rack in my bones
Happiness and bliss – whatever; only a dream
And as I wander and look into the beyond gleam
With Fruitlessness as the sunrise
And disappointment as the sunset,
I appear only a vessel of unattained dreams

Where are my cries? I cannot hear them
Where are my tears? I cannot feel them
Drought seasons are upon my eyes
The rivers of tears have all dried out
Suppressed emotions; I have known only hurt
Sung constantly as lullaby into my ears.

Today, I have grown a heart of stone
As pain rack through my bones
I have nowhere else to look,
Harmony and relief I cannot book
They are nothing but a dream
Endless agony is the reflection I see in the stream.

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I liked this story of torment, not able to even see the beauty in the sunset.
I hope this desolate person is but imagination, if not then you are looking in the wrong place for yourself, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

thanks for taking the time to read this piece and I appreciate your comment.
the desolate character is imaginary for sure. There is so much beauty in
the rising and setting of the sun for one to ignore.



What I love most about POETS is how they write SADNESS with SUNSHINE on their face, caption RAIN with FALLEN EMBERS and paint TEARS using the colours of WATERFALLS:lol

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