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Love is Ugly

To him, love is ugliness hatched from Aphrodite’s beauty
For charmed by her nymph bliss are the fools
Often found to fall into those drowsy pools,
Enchanted with her fine fantasies
And sleepless elves casting spells of nightmares
As love is a mountaintop of blossoming cherries
Descending into valleys of vines and sour berries

He was one happy farmer of love we all once knew
Now here upon the grey pastures, he suffers pain anew
Heartbroken andwasting in gloom, a poor sad lover
Seekingtimeless refuge in eternal misery.
With a sad harp in hand and his decaying emotions
He sings out his melancholy with so much passion
And deep with meaning, like a sordid confession
To the deafened ears of love’s inventors

To him, love catapulted him up to happiness height
And then dropped him without feathers for flight

Once, he dreamt a honeyed dream. It was Eden
For he was back in spring’s beauty garden
Sipping sweet nectar with charming Aphrodite
Amid the fine showers of angelic chorus
And soothing bliss shimmering gently at his feet
But wait, some dreams are sweet yet not so sweet
When reality’s jealousy knocks on the doors of the dreamy eyes
He woke and was greeted by the broken pieces of his heart
Still withered and scattered sadly upon the grey pastures
He crawled back into his misery to harvest more miseries.

He was one happy lover we all once knew
Now a poor sad fellowsuffering pain anew
And sodrank from Aphrodite’s charm
Eternal misery has become his love totem
Worn gracefully around the neck of his broken heart

Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
How does this theme appeal to you?
Is the internal logic consistent?
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I love this! Sad story told so beautifully.

But i think you can make some cuts. it seems unnecessarily lengthy to me (only my suggestion though)

*To the deafen(ed) ears of love’s inventors

*To him, love catapult(ed) him up to happiness height

He (waked)? and was greeted by the broken pieces of his heart*...don't you mean woke or awoke?

*Still withered and (scatted) sadly upon the grey pastures...scattered?

In my opinion, you can cut out the last two stanzas.

Great job though!!

I apologize for taking long to respond to your comment.
got offline for a while.

a thousand gallons of thanks for the read and the kind comments
and errors spotted in the poem. I shall effect the corrections.

by the way, beautiful short stories you have there at / in your blog.
thanks again.



What I love most about POETS is how they write SADNESS with SUNSHINE on their face, caption RAIN with FALLEN EMBERS and paint TEARS using the colours of WATERFALLS:lol

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