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The Rise and Fall of Poetry

When men were somewhat odeivorious,
a little less carnivorous,
softer and more chivalrous,
poetry had it's day.

Women then, were swayed by this,
upon such poets, plied their kiss,
which sent them into poets' bliss;
oh those days are surely missed!

In the closet now we hide.
Abandoned is our poets pride.
We now hold it all inside,
lest they catch us as we cry !

So cry out poetry's lament.
Pray for your brethren, repent !
God's gift to us, from us, was sent,
Its worth was sold and now is spent.

Resurrection is our just recourse.
Poetry is a powerful force .
Would you be so kind as to endorse,
this poet's petition to "spare the horse".

The rise and fall of poetry,
Is fading in their memory,
a tiny boat, adrift at sea,
and in it, there is you and me.

by Jove!

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Structured: Western
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but come on! "Please do not critique mechanics. The inconsistencies in style are intentional, or correcting them is not important to me"? Surely you acknowledge at least that there are some awkwardly forced rhymes here that could be improved.

Neopoet Directors

Thank you sly wolf
I plead the latter ,or...!
I will also admit there is plenty of "room"
Yet with all the spit and polish, it will remain a "amusing little piece" .
Not really striving for greatness here ! lol

By Jove !

author comment

it is nicely written and really very clever, and should resonate with most poets. It's just that that crit level you chose shits me to tears. It leaves us very little to say beyond 'I like it' or 'I didn't like it'.

lest they shall catch us as we cried ! [cried- change of tense really jars]
this poet's petition to "spare the horse". [WTF?]

adore the coined word 'odeivorious', gave me pause then a big grin. perhaps odeivorous if it is, as I guess, given to the consumption of odes?

Neopoet Directors

Thank you once again.
A "like, don't like" or nothing at all, is just fine with me,
Ok , as I've mentioned about "the room" Granted
I will change the tense in that line (catch and cry)

Ah, about the wtf you're kidding right ?

what else of course it means ODE iverous or should it be ODEiferous??? lol

sorry the ditity "jars" you to profanity, or did you mean Wow Totally Fly and does that say "shits me to tears"?

By Jove !

author comment

It was the use of the phrase "spare the horse" I was wondering about. I'm thinking the opposite of the commonly used "don't spare the horses" meaning to go as fast as possible, so you mean the poet petitions to go slowly?

oh, and in terms of feedback and posting on Neopoet I urge you to click on the link below my name here.

Neopoet Directors

in answer to your question "spare the horse" is a cliche from way back, Google it!

I was on the last site so I know what's up here.

Please refrain from criting my work as I do not respect your abruptness .
Perhaps when you can manage a little more civility I may reconsider .
Use profanity as you wish. I only use it in poetry and some replies, as above.
Have you taken over "pugilists" job ? Or is it a tag team now?

I thought the last site was a bit contrived but you take it a step further here.
"Guidelines", are they rules, if so, call them that .

You give us a blog then tell us what to write in it . What the "guidelines/rules suggests/demand, isn't that what the forum is for?

Well, nugh gruff, kick me out if you like, Although I will remove the poem from my blog; my bad,

I won't quit. "Hommy don't play that ."

:correcting is not important to me button : ah , why is that there?

sorry! sorry
I'm getting pushy and bullyish ;must be catchy !

By Jove !

author comment

sheesh, I just suggested you check out the guidelines, well, yeah, urged.
If you're not here to work on your poetry I probably won't crit anyway, but you can't tell me not to, if the whim takes me I will.
Nothing to do with pugilist, just me.
'Not actively editing' is intended for those whose works are published or pending publication. This site is a poetry workshop.

Neopoet Directors

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