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When its all around you, when it surrounds you.

Mouth hid, but it calls you
You wish to explore know her more ,but you ignore.
Her Faint voice calls you.
Don’t look, your fear has made you insecure .
You have got to understand,
You’re not wanted , you’re needed
But for you to take heed of the need,
You have to first bleed.
You choose to resist.

Arms open, A prayer bares the burden
Knees tucked to the ground ,hoping you’ll dance to the chance.
I need you to Lay down your pride and diverge into a feat that will delight you,
Be satisfied within with a bliss you’ve never seen.
There is no force here , its not just a choice
The Options are in abundance, they wait for you to oblige.
you choose to resist

The truth will set you free but truth in itself is worth a fee.
I’ve seen people who have their flesh ripped apart but still hold onto words unsaid
The soul is built with words so when we speak we reveal our self
Even the dumb speak, their words are what we see
Her signs speak,her words are what you see
Don’t you know, You can’t abstain from reality or cease true feelings and desist!!
You choose to resist

Perform, accomplish, act,
RECOIL, act, accomplish then perform
Don’t just stand there like a fool,
Everyone thought you knew what you were doing but now they know the truth.
You hesitate on your chances
Act like you have no tools .
Nobody means to be rude, judgement is an expression of mood.
But when those that are good seem to say things that hurt
Look closely and listen, like you’re learning something.
Because if you can realise someone’s mistake and take the twig out of their eye
What of the log in your eye?
So when chances develop and she arrives at your doorstep
Just take a second to breath;
But don’t you ever Resist

© Saint Valz

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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How does this theme appeal to you?
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However it contains very few qualities of prosody. It is a statement, even a rant.

Think of the quality of words, their combination and try to compose a piece that strikes the heart not with statements, but the power of language.

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