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Our Honours Listed or OH..L

Our Honours Listed Or OH..L

The silence in the camps is most resounding,
but our quiet voices of power is astounding.

Walk with me he says I’ll make sense
of our stinking world, from the obese
riches of the western poor, to the thin
skin and bone bodies of an eastern life.

Sure I can show you the peoples of trading
African nations dying from hunger while their
leaders are like puffed out Penguins, attending
stately banquets of queens and presidents alike
soon forgetting their countries strife.

They say this benefits their country while
the coffers of all in charge get filled
Any poor person disagrees they maybe
lucky, only by geting themselves killed
To live a life of daily hunger, starving from
when you wake until you sleep, is not a living
hell it’s much worse when it does creep.

So throw away your rights and dignity
sanction those in charge to conduct your
death. They’ll dig up your piece of land
where you may take the very last breath.
There has never been democracy in your
country or in mine, the wealthy give us
just enough, why, they even give us it
with beer and wine.
Encouraged is a life of drunkenness not
wanting you or I to think, so when we see
our horrid future we can always turn to
drugs or drink

See they know about greed and how we
all have it to, dangling carrots in front of
us knowing there will be a few.
Stopping to watch just long enough they
always get a bite, and so you find it’s against
ourselves, then the poor, we fight.

We are just the same as you but we need
money not food, and seeing they control it all
we can never fight for good.
Selfish yes I suppose we are but we’re
programmed to feel that way, same as when
your starving queue for food forever and a day.

You’ll never see us raise our heads from
the disgust or shame, we just look into our
televisions and soon, it tells us who to blame.
Oh sorry you don’t know what televisions are,
well there little boxes of control. From them
we get a look at the riches that steal our
very soul.

We haven’t time to think about you, or your
hungry dying people, we get our religion
now, from a television mast not a steeple.
And sure we give to charity it soothes us
just enough, so we would never turn upon
the rich, or in any way make their lives rough.

See, I know that they come and visit you,
I’ve seen them on television news. They’re
right beside you in your squalid camp,
wow lucky yous’.
We have got to pay, then go and queue to see
them perform, why when I think of you
waiting for food it seems queuing is the norm.
We queue up to see the football, rock stars, actors,
then applaud and return if they are good.
Your people wait in queues for ages and if your
quiet you may get food. I wonder, is there
nothing we have, that would make the rich
and powerful come to us then queue and gloat?
Of course you fool, every five years or so they
come around, needing our bloody VOTE.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Just as we pat ourselves and our great and good on the back..
Editing stage: 


The reason is, though well written, it is boring, too long, needs a ruthless edit. No prosodic values.

The content is valuable, but irrelevant to the preponderance American demographic of our of readers.

I think a severe edit might help.

Neopoet Directors

Thank you Jess, i know it needs work but put it in to see if anyone felt as i do. We have masses of food water and equipment that could help these people, but no political will. Or even peoples will, we've all hunkered down to ride out an imaginery storm, created by banks and government to make sure we don't get to big for our democratic boots. Sorry for the rant, but our problems are miniscule compared to those poor people. i will get to work on this . Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

author comment
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