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In the mirror of time

In the mirror of time

Bare flowers
rolling in the waves of vastness
Without beginning and end
the souls awaken
and they penetrate me
they transform me, they waste me

In Ancient crypt
the colors Eternal survive
inside the mirror travel time

At the root of the earth
one day we will meet
the good weather of the harvest time
Between desires
which will finally be ours
Our crystal unique tears
painting in the Sun of Dawn
the bright signs

Πάντα με την Ανατολή θα υπάρχει η Ελπίδα στην καρδιά μας
Στο κάτοπτρο του χρόνου

Γυμνά λουλούδια
κυλούν στων κυμάτων την απεραντοσύνη
Χωρίς αρχή και τέλος
τις ψυχές ξυπνούν
και με διαπερνούν ,με μεταμορφώνουν, με σπαταλούν

Σε Αρχαία κρύπτη
τα χρώματα Αιώνια επιζούν
μέσα στο κάτοπτρο του χρόνου ταξιδεύουν

Στην ρίζα της γης
κάποτε θα ανταμωθούμε
τον καλό καιρό της συγκομιδής
Ανάμεσα σε επιθυμίες
που θα είναι πια δικές μας
ζωγραφίζοντας στου Ήλιου της Αυγής τα
φωτεινά σημάδια
Τα κρυστάλλινα μοναδικά δάκρυα μας

"Reflecting On Time,a beautiful verse of much
acclaimed eminent poetess on Social Media, Kapardeli Eftichia of Patras,Greece is being translated to hindi language with an intimation
expecting consent,approval generous one please.Wish her all the best.Thanks.
शीर्षक : वक्त पर प्रतिबिंबित करना।
मूल आंंग्ल कवयित्री :कपारडेली इफ्टिचिया।
दिनांक : ०६-०६-२२.
नग्न पुष्प
बहती हुई विशालता के लहरों में
न आरंभ और न अंत के साथ
आत्माएं उठ रहीं हैं
और वे मेरे ऊपर से गुजरते है
वे पूरी तरह से मुझे बदले वे, मुझे बर्बाद कर देते है।
एक प्राचीन लिपि में
रंगें हमेशा रहती हैं
समय के दर्पण के बदौलत वे भ्रमण करते हैं।
पृथ्वी के जड़ किसी दिन
किसी दिन हमलोग फिर मिलेंगे
कटनी के अच्छे मौशम में
इच्छा की एकर की एक जगह
जहाँ वे हमारे होंगे इसकेबाद,अब
रंगते हुए सुबह के सबीता के निचे
चमकदार चिन्ह
हमारे एक तरह के स्फटिक अस्रूबूंद।
हमेशा पूर्व सा साथ उम्मीद होगा हमारे दिलों में
वक्त के आईने में।
Translator :
Dr.P.C.Jha.Uttam Nagar West.Delhi.India.
6th June.22.

Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


your title is enticing, I love it! welcome to Neopoet, we are glad to have you as a member. so, if you need any help with the site, just give me a holler and I will be glad to help! I hope you will be posting more of your work in the near future. it is a great pleasure to read. I most enjoyed this poem, especially these lines:

At the root of the earth
one day we will meet
the good weather of the harvest time
Between desires
which will finally be ours

much enjoyed,
always, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

Thank you very much for your comment
You make me a better writer and a better person
I am very happy that you liked it

author comment

Super job. Surreal and inviting. I want to keep looking into the mirror.


In Ancient crypt
the colors Eternal survive
inside the mirror
travel time

Can’t wait to read more,

I'm really glad you liked my poem. Thank you I am glad to know you

author comment

Your bio is impressive!

I am looking forward to reading and interacting with more of your work.

The submission here; are the two other languages you placed in your submission…. Are they the original languages of the poem here?

Very nice piece you have here!

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Hello dear Ray Yes, I try to write with sensitivity and love. My mother tongue is Greek and my poem was translated for me by a teacher friend from India into Hindi. I have many of my poems translated into many languages. Thank you very much for your kind words. I am happy. that you read my poem GOOD WEEK

author comment

I had been transported to another time and place, with an attachment to ancient Greece culture. The worshipping of the sun
is and was paramount to many cultures of the ancient world. You have portrayed the time of harvest as just rewards for the faithful. So nice! ~ Geezer.

It seems that the days and hours that people
are available for chatroom are staggered and
not a good match for most everyone. How about
if everyone just shows up at the door, whenever
they have a few free minutes?

What beautiful comments, what a poetic aura in your comment The sensibility of time and space always educated me
Thank you very much. Your comment is golden for me

author comment

Extraordinary poetry, fascinated by the touch of fascination. The poem is so succinct and beautiful!

The details here was breathtaking!.

"Poetic license
the poets
the free will to
embroider a good tale
and deviate from the established rules of language"~Jackweb

Hello Thank you so much for honor I am so glad who you like my poem Nice day my friend

author comment
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