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Lords Of The Air

Lords of the air
keeping the peace
when in the right hands
dread war may cease

Lords of the air
masters of war
wreaking untold damage
an end we deplore

Lords of the air
beauty unfurled
sleek, fast and deadly
when set on the world

Lords of the air
dangerous foes
you'll pray for your life
before one of those

Lords of the air
generations of peace
destructive yet docile
if warfare should cease.

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Structured: Western
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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I took my wife and son to the RAF museum at RAF Cosford in the west midlands, UK. They have a very large and impressive collection of aircraft illustrating the history of the Royal Air Force. I stood underneath the open bomb bay of one of the largest of these aircraft a Vulcan bomber. One of the three "V" planes which was used .as a delivery vehicle for nuclear bombs duing the ccold war years. It was also used to bomb the runways at Port Stanley during the Falkland's war mlore recently. Not for the first time confronted with such a sight, I was driven to write a poem to try and express my thoughts. It was written quite quickly and did not get very much editing, because of this it could well be improved but in what way, any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated
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Thanks for the crit, I do agree to some extent , what I was trying to put across here was that the aircraft are beautiful but did have this deadly role. And the nuclear deterrent did seem to work on the whole.

author comment

but war will never cease
as long as men
now women also
with ambition are born
and many will


I spent a year or so at RAF Cosford the first time I ever flew in an aircraft A wood winged "Anson".
You should find out how that giant came to be at Cosford if I remember right one of those monsters was flown into that place but it only had a grass runway..
I was there from 1957 to 1958 when they laid the running track of ash felt, one of the first in the country.
It was a long time ago and I have a few good memories of the folks there.
Most of the places I served at in the RAF are now gone to other things of peaceful ways.
Your poetry must now start growing with that fire in your thoughts and the tenderness of love, expand each of your writes before posting and we shall then find a heart beating in there.
Go well, and write,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thanks for that Ian.

According to the brochure Cosford is the only pace where all three "V" bombers can be seen together. They have the Vulcan, Victor and Valiant on display. I will ask how they were flown in. I must admit I thought that they did have a runway, although it is probably quite small to take at least the "trips around the bay" type of flying experience for the visitors. I'll let you know.

author comment

Cosford had a grass runway and I think that one of the V bombers was stripped down to only two engines and a lot of the equipment taken out and it was flown in.
Not sure how they managed to get all three in there, I was bothered about RAF Yatesbury closing as that had some very original aircraft in the hangers there.
Did you ever serve in the RAF ???
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I missed National service by a few years and was never in any of the services.

Cosford does now have a short (?) runway but my son, who is the real reason we actually went there ( he is very interested in flying having been in the ATC when younger) thinks that as you are now suggesting, the larger planes would have been dismantled.

Actually, I found the visit very interesting and we plan to go back again soon.

author comment

so, you have found a way around the rules of only posting once a day Arty/Billy Pringle/John Lennon - or is it simply that you are suffering from a multiple personality disorder? I note that you claim you work in Mental Health, so I am guessing the latter!

I am presently reviewing all commentary having to do with this dispute................stan

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