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Phineas, son of Belus,
privileged for only want.
Will you accept true merit
integrity holds for you?

T’was not lack of doubt nor clout
strength, but pride denied your prize.
Fight and flight! Valorous plight!
Surely she should be here now.

Bitterness your consolation.
Which this, you take so eagerly; gingerly.
Andromeda wretchedly stolen away!
Cruelly mocked by him; Winged Betrayer!
Her with her complacent laughs.

O Phineas, leader of many a man.
The spear you hold in your grasp,
ever so light it feels now…
I plead and beg with you, cease your following.

For now, neither Hestia nor Hephaestus
would dare tame nor extinguish
this red burning ire blazing.
For reason is as are you, ashen ashes.

Cold in your hand; inviting...
An answer appeals to you,
wielded fierce in your stance.

You alone, Phineas, will begin your end.
This ominous bittersweet choice you hasten.
Shall rear its deadened eyes, turning soul to stone.

If you will to live, rather be animate.
You would see the harsh reprieve
set to befall on their fates.

Drive your spear firm in the ground! O Phineas-
walk away, walk away tall,
walk tall with integrity.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
So I've found it doesn't matter what boxes you check off for review request since people will comment what they want and not what the composer is asking for. Which is ok, because I know this poem is a masterpiece.
Editing stage: 


I have taken it upon me to remove as many from unread lists..... over three weeks
Jess says its okay
but don't take me amiss
here its becoming disgusting to post
none read
at least we don't come to know

on other sites so many read
and also comment
I don't lament
about 1000 read /visit my poetry
I feel happy
can Stan or Ian do anything about it

Only i salvage unheard ones
its a misfortune.disgusting
to have been in doldrums
many have been unread over weeks
mine also though not too often

indeed..its worthy!

I write my manner and isms
its my the table
in the bar with my back
to the room...survival

\but early in my mid
twenties..more then half
my lifteim so far ago
now for me..

I read Milton
dear old Milton
who kicked ass
in England


a quest to survive
a bitter divorce and
that I signed on too
my women then
was bright
and burned me
which I was used too

but when I wasnt fighting
her and stubborn issues
mentally fighting

i was reading very bright
work by very britht people
never knowing is I was
just wanting to be bright
or really understanding the

In this case.....
this poem is resounding
with proper form
and I love formal

Milton was a rebel
he knew it had to look
right sound right to feel

and to me

this poem sounds right
feels right
looks right..

Thank You!

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