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Floudering in many Plaices,
flat like Ray fish 
that Skate across the sand, 
as odd Cods glower at gaping mouthed
Sticklebacks in the backwaters,
Haddocks in the paddocks of Sea Horses, 
Anemones with friends and few enemies,
Kippers, kipping to themselves
under Mackerel skies.

Dog Fish are barking at Cuttlefish
with Mussels like John Dory,
his dot, a black Moonfish passing by,
Hake the gardener is working overthyme, 
as Dill cannot keep still on the Dover hill, 
chasing her Sea Bass,
to ask him to give her a tune, 
as the octopussy cat plays
with the crabs claws
and the Coquilles St Jaques 
are praying for their Soles:)

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


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