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Zero and one
it's off or on
from such simplistic seed
sprouted that which we all need

All from a building block of sand
imbued with purposed imperfections
came this virtual world so grand
allowing our world wide connections

Off and on
now off....................

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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cool theme, and expression of it
there is so much we can write about

good to see you exploring a little more... beyond the woods!


i Do get out of the woods sometimes. I have started at least 6 poems about surfing the web and become snarled in the execution by trying for a poem of moderate length. So I tried a shorter poem and found it a bit easier. (but I'm still gonna come up with a longer one on this subject some day lol). Appreciate you dropping by for a read.................stan

author comment

But what was that grain of sand?

Thank you. The grain of sand? Where did you think the silicon for the computer chips came from ? I am led to understant that the next material which be used will be diamond which can operate at much higher temperatures than silicon.............stan

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Have learnt so much from this site and its contributors. Thank you

Different people are just knowledgable in different areas.............stan

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my brain is made of golden chips
that's why that alone works mostly...
hold one...
will you
then some one will say
a diamond one is now on ..
will be news....

the chip will ask a question
is it now on ?
diamond slow down
better on than off ...

so digital God give a hint
one for that
zero we can't say
we all know not

hence one and a dot
keep fixing a lot...

genetic progeny
in each slot
a vertical dash
then shall come a dot

bang on the given slot...

a one and a zero
in turn off and on

one at a time
else both shall be gone ..

pun intended
here is strong
where did I go wrong...
a dot and a dash now go on


Apologies for having missed your visit. I must have been preoccupied. But I Do appreciate your taking time to read this and comment.............stan

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