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Christmas Love

Christmas has arrived.
And I know she is on her way here.
It's her first time away from them.

She has chosen me above their love,
me to hold over this sacred holiday
when family claim all loyalties,
when all hopes and best wishes are
for those you love most.

I know for sure she will be in my arms
lazing on my sofa, as the queen speaks,
she will be at my table as I carve the crown
and together we will pull two or three
cheap crackers, wear the paper hats, laugh
and stubbornly toast our uncertain future.

Later we will fall to bed, replete and tired
giddy with brandy and I will let her kiss me
knowing that this will be the first and last
Christmas we will spend together.

Editing stage: 


More a personal statement that a poem of substance.

Perhaps you could expand those elements that signify why this is not all it should be. The line
and I will let her kiss me
gives a clue as to where you could take this for an insight into the paradox of celebration and alienation,

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