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I remember, I remember...
Two black plumes against blue sky
in the second week of September.
I recall watching thousands die.

Barbarians let through the gate,
Savages from the death cult
that were filled with only hate.
Collapsing towers the result.

And we said we'd not forget.
We sought them out in sandy lairs.
And we fight them even yet,
putting them in our crosshairs.

But now their spawn live here among us,
some even allowed in the House
in the hallowed halls of congress
where they do nothing but grouse.

Their ideals anathema to ours.
At America they are upset.
They condemn us for countless hours.
Too many of us DID forget.

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Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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I know you might not realize it, or care, but this is quite racist.

But now their spawn live here among us,
some even allowed in the House.

Being racist is part of being American historically , (see this month's NY Review of Books "the Guarded Gate"). But usually we poets have a higher sensibility. I know the whole "argument" from you guys about the two elected officials you are so upset about (with super paranoid delusions about their power, and indeed also the basic patriotism to respect freedom of ideas.)
Rest assured that your poem will incite many here, and turn some members off to the site. I might be one of them if you keep posting this propaganda. You can start you're own sight- call it NordicPoet.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

calling a snake a snake racist? Almost 60% of the Koran calls on muslims to either kill to enslave infidels......The cult condemns itself

author comment

they love to duel
so say one thing and mean another
u know
I once wrote let poets not so to be you
said NO

But I'm going to stir the pot.

Because, well, I'm me.

I fell your anger is misplaced. You want to be angry at the terrorists, excellent, they deserve your scorn. All of them. Including the ones who look like you.

A basic fact is that the vast majority of terrorists acts in the US are carried out by Caucasians who, often, quote the Bible as justification. if your standard is that a faction defines the whole, I would like to see it consistently applied.

When it is not, it feel like a rationalization.


Jonathan Moore

for your time to read and comment. But I think you miss the point that the dislike is directed at a religion of hate and death , not a particular race.

author comment
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