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wesley snow's blog

Meter... The Workshop.

Okay poets, it has been two years (yes, two years) since last this workshop was held. It is time to broach the subject once again.
We have long time poets who need to be refreshed in the concepts and new poets who have little or no understanding of what the workshop will offer.
I have placed the workshop in the Olympic Pool because I want it to be taken seriously. This is not play time, it is hard work for some of us. However, do not let that scare you off. This is BASIC work in the concept of meter. From the ground floor in other words.

Classic Forms is up and running.

Sort of. Anyone interested needs to get themselves on that thread.

A workshop proposal. Please read.

Please, if you would, offer your thoughts on this...

A workshop proposal.

Please, if you would, offer your thoughts on this.

A blog on the Ballade.

For those of you I have spoken to… it is time.
I will begin the workshop on the Ballade shortly. Being that it is the most difficult form I know, it will be held in the Shark Tank. Being that a Ballade must tell a story, it is being held under the auspices’ of Storytelling in Verse.
The goal is simple: to write a classic 14th century Ballade with all the trimmings.
I have said this before, but I will say it again… I expect the workshop to be “intimate”, meaning I don’t expect a large turnout for such a difficult concept.

The Minnow’s Shop (Beginner’s Workshop)

Personally I don’t think there is any such thing as a beginning poet. Anyone who has put pen to paper is a poet as far as I’m concerned.
However, if you don’t know an iamb from an amphibrach then this workshop may benefit your poetry.
The shop will be an intimate one (no more than five or six participants), so we will have plenty of time to answer the questions I will pose.
It will be held in the Olympic Pool that it might be taken seriously, though the subject matter will be rudimentary.
The workshop will last about a week and be rather laid back.


Chrys and I have been talking (always a bad thing).

Starting July one we will begin a workshop in Storytelling in Verse (sempiternal). As always this workshop is held in the Olympic Pool, so we’re both taking this workshop within a workshop seriously. However, the primary point will be fun. We’ve had some pretty hairy workshops lately, so we decided on something a little off the wall.

We desire to write a horror stories in verse.

Upcoming workshops

I want to take a moment and discuss two workshops in the preparation stage that will be starting soon.

Beginning on the eighth of June (or thereabouts when we can pull her fingers from her hair… the workshop is rather ambitious) China Blue (Chrys to her friends which are legion) will be holding a “study and participation” workshop addressing the great 19th century poets of the world.

Critique and Criticism

What is the point of NeoPoet? What makes it different? What are we trying to do?
We are attempting to change the way a poet writes. If the poet doesn’t desire to improve their writing they have no purpose being here.
How do we all improve? By being critiqued by other poets. When the poet joins this community they are not only being critiqued they must offer critiques throughout the Stream (where the poems go to swim).
Some are not familiar with the idea of analyzing and commenting of another person’s poem.
This is where the workshop comes in.

An update on workshops

I know everyone is aware of the technical glitches NeoPoet has been suffering lately.
Some of that has slowed the opening of workshops.
There are other factors, but I will mention only one and that is to say get well Jess.

However, I want to announce upcoming workshops.

Stan will be shortly running a shop on Titles.

Rula will be running (not for some time) a workshop based on the small forms in poetry.

And I will take Jess’ place and lead a shop on Critique.

Much further down the line we will run a workshop in Storytelling in Verse.


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