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Neopoet Formatting Explained (Re-Posted)

Creating Bold or Italic Text:
While Initially in Advanced Formatting Mode

  • Use the Text Format drop-down menu and switch the mode to Advance Formatting
  • Select (highlight) the text you want to make bold and depress the CTRL and B keys at the same time
  • Or select (highlight) the text you want to italicize and depress the CTRL and I keys at the same time.
  • The CTRL (or Ctrl or Control) key is located on the bottom left and bottom right of the keyboard near the Space Bar.

Creating Links to Other Websites (or pages on Neopoet):
While Initially in Advanced Formatting Mode

  • Switch to the Advanced Formatting mode using the above instructions
  • Copy the URL you would like to link to. Jess shows you how to Copy and Paste on his blog.
  • Select (highlight) the text you want to turn into a link, then click the Link Button (it looks like a globe with a chain link in front of it) at the top left of the "Body" typing box or the "Comment" typing box.
  • Paste the URL in the box provided that reads "URL".
  • Then click "OK".

Creating Numbered or Bulleted Lists:
While Initially in Simple Formatting Mode ONLY
1.Type< ol> to create a numbered ("ordered") list.
2. To create items in your list type< li> (with no spaces) before the text you want as your first list item, then type< /li> (again, with no spaces) at the end of your first list item.
3. To create another list item just type< li>again after your first list item and remember to finish each list item by typing< /li>.
4. At the end of your numbered list, type< /ol >to complete the list.
5. Use the same method, but use < ul> at the beginning for a bulleted ("unordered") list.
6. Enclose each list item in< li>and< /li>and then complete the list with< /ul>.

Here is a sample of a list in Simple formatting mode.
Here is a sample of the same list after switching to Advanced Formatting mode.

Hope this helps!


your blogs are invaluable and have been missed.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Thanks for the information and illustrations which are helpful


raj (sublime_ocean)

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