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Upcoming Critique Workshop

For those who are interested, starting Monday June 18th, I will be hosting a critique workshop. I intend for it to last six weeks with additional time for those who need to work self-paced.

Please check it out!

Critiquing Imagery, Literary Devices, and Syntax

(from my old critique series, updated to reflect my improved understanding of grammar and its long and complicated history)
Critiquing Imagery

Pauses and How to Signal Them

(an old blog, re-posted)

I don’t know about other folks here, but sometimes I have have trouble following along in a poem like I should. This mostly goes for poems that don’t have enough capitalization, line/stanza breaks or punctuation or poems that use these too much. I also don’t know if other writers intend the same pauses as I do when using the same punctuation, line/stanza breaks, etc.

Sorry for my Absence

I had intended to spend my whole summer writing, workshopping, making educational videos, and more, but my summer has gotten off to a rough start. I have almost nothing to show for the entire month of May.

I'm Broadcasting Live in 20 Minutes

Hello everyone,

I'll be practicing a live broadcast talk show about the creative writing process at 8pm EDT on Twitch here:

You don't have to have an account to watch, but you do need an account to comment and interact live.

Here are instructions on making an account:

Critiquing Word Efficiency, Flow, and Content

Another from my old blog series. 
Of Critiquing Word Efficiency
Unlike prose (a short story, novella, novel, etc.), poetry has a more limited range of space. Poetry is not composed of complete sentences in paragraphs, and so, even epic poetry is limited by how long a line or stanza can be. With that in mind, a poet’s aim is to tell a story or paint a picture for their readers within those confinements. Using words wisely will help the poet to convey their message. 

A Collection of Essays and Advice on Critique

A collection of articles on critique and constructive criticism:


5 Keys to Giving Constructive Writing Critiques by Suzannah of Write it Sideways


There are many online options for some of the poet’s most basic tools, the word processor, dictionary and rhyming dictionary, and thesaurus. At Neopoet, it is highly recommended that you type your poetry in a separate word processor, then copy and paste it into Neopoet (here’s a video tutorial on how to copy and paste: originally shared with us by Weirdelf: thanks Jess!).

I am in the process of adding all my old educational blogs back to Neopoet and writing more. I have books of poetry and literature textbooks galore, so what poetic topics would you like to learn about?
And finally, this is part three of my introduction to critique! I look forward to your feedback and will definitely be posting more on this topic in the future. 


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