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How to Copy and Paste

I've heard several members saying they are having trouble with copy and paste. This usually occurs with things like smart phones or Kindle, but for normal purposes this link is very good.

You can copy from your work processor to Neopoet, from a poem to quote it in feedback, from any window to any window.



I don't have trouble coping and pasting. You are right on. I am using my kindle which was not capable of dping what I expect it to do.
That has since been remedied and I am copying and pasting now from my kindle happily. I suppose when i really want a software to be capable of something the company usually updates with the feature i want eventually or I will uninstall once I find one that do.
Sounds crazy huh, that just the way I'm am. Quietly expecting special treatment. Sometime I get it sometime I don't. Like a child I run off pouting to find another technology that caters to my technie expectations.

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