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Rula's blog

How to download my works

Don't know if anyone else has my problem. I had never kept my works in a safe folder or hardware like a computer disc, so I've been thinking recently to accumulating them all in one place so that I won't lose them had my computer crashed. However I am not sure if it is possible to do this through Neopoet.
Is there not such a tool to download them all by one click? Should I copy and paste them one by one?
Please help. I think this is a feature that everyone should be interested in.

How to Create a Shape Poem

Hello all,
        as requested by our friend Raj, here is a step by step of how to create and submit a shape poem
1.  First of all, you need to put your words (the poem) in the shape you wish on MS Word.
2.  On Neopoet, go to Tools > Submit a content > a poem

August contest

I just wanted to be clear with the contest's subject "Why did I love you"
It's a bit confound (at least for me) if the piece of poem should show regrets for having once loved somebody OR should it answer what were the features that attracted someone to his/her beloved one? Or does either work well for the judges

"Sonnets"... Let's Know More (Workshop Idea)

"In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful"

Dear friends,

Thinking of Gaza

Stereotyped fire games;
some set afire,
others sit at the fire,

barbecue's on,
in Gaza


I wanted to send my breath
to those under the siege of death
In Gaza,
but they've blown all
the communicative channels
or should I say, tunnels??


If we could speak
we would tell
how bad it is
to smell the corpse
left down to rot
under walls

(As requested by Jess) (Smile) ابتسم

للشاعر ايليا ابو ماضي
By Ilya Abu Madi. A Lebanon Imigrant Poet

The Arabian Treasures (3)

للشاعر بشار بن برد
اذا كنت في كل الامور معاتبا ** صديقك لم تلق الذي تعاتبه                                

Verses by Beshar Ben Burd (an Abasi poet)

If you blamed your friend
                           for everything he'd claim,
the day would come,then
                          you'd find no one to blame

A nonet

"As if I am flying in the air,
a pioneer! I'm ambitious.
All my tutors tell me so,
do not  think I'm bumptious." 

That's all that he said
then fell asleep
with angels
my sweet



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Don't miss the chance!

And always to quote jess, " There is not one single poet on Neopoet who wouldn't benefit from learning more about meter."

Everyone's presence shall certainly add to our pleasure.

Ars Poetica

from the heart
would emerge
to surface
naked emotions
that flow words to touch
the hollow cyber
every now and then.


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