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Editing - draft

Rid Myself of You

I've ripped off my skin
I can still feel your touch

I've bitten off my tongue
I can still taste you

I've poured acid in my eyes
I can still see you

I've busted my eardrums
I can still hear you

They say time heals all wounds
I call bullshit

Nothing can cleanse me
From your sins

In the Stars / Drunk Walk Home

I think I saw you in the stars
On my drunk walk home.
The liquor still buzzed in my head
And I was adorned with trophies.
The trophies in question being angry marks
From dark kisses
Of strange men
Whose names I would not remember in the morning.
But for a second,
I saw you in the stars.
I almost called you,
You could’ve talked to the liquor
That was inhabiting my blood.
I’m not sure why I almost called,
I don’t miss you anymore.
Your laugh isn’t the soundtrack of my life,

In His Clutches

Smiling your smile
Spitting curses and lies

Breathing in your words
And exhaling the smoke

Foaming at the mouth
I’ve consumed the poison

Falling into your trap
No means of escape

Chained and barred
From life itself

Keys just out of reach
Held down by your thumb

Picking the lock
With my own bones

Rosemary, a girl in a woman's body, a fool-hardy-soul
someone who leapt without looking. my so called good friend.
Who dropped Purple Haze into my cooled cup of morning tea,
well knowing my innocence would come to a celluloid end.

Rosemary picked our program for the days events
It was her turn to plan our outing this time.
I told her I had not seen the heart of the city
and I was not sure I wanted to see all of that grime

Endless Sleep

I can feel the water filling my lungs
Weighing on my chest
It's heavy and cool

It sinks me
to the bottom
And holds me in place

My chest rises and falls
With the waves
Slow and smooth

I let my body flow
With the pace of the water
As I drift off to sleep

When I awaken
The fish greet me as their friend
The sand under me is warm

I close my eyes
once more
To listen to the movement

The dull crash of the waves
The echo of silence
The beating of my heart


The ground began to shake
The walls cracked
Dust rained from the ceiling
The light fixture swung just above where I was standing


I closed my eyes
and wished it would stop
I even prayed that it would stop

I feel the breeze flow through the broken windows
The rain spraying the floor where I stand

Sirens outside
are a melody
no one ever wants to hear

I planted my feet
begged for survival
and braced for impact.


I’ll be your perfect little lovergirl
Writing you poems
And singing you songs

I’ll be your perfect little lovergirl
Whatever you say goes,
You can do no wrong.

I’ll be your perfect little lovergirl
Don’t worry about me,
I’m always fine.

I’ll be your perfect little lovergirl
Get high off your kiss
Get drunk off cheap wine.

I’ll be your perfect little lovergirl
Play with my heart,
It’s yours to abuse.

I’ll be your perfect little lovergirl
Go with other girls
It’s me you can use.

Our Family Feud

When we were young,
lines had been drawn.
Less a friendly battle
than an all-out war.
It was always them
against us...
me (little Honey-Girl)
and our Dad, against
mom-Norma, Kathryn and Coral,
with black cowboy hats.
Blazing guns drawn
from toy holsters.
Something changed;
When She hit him
with a frying pan,
I could see in Her eyes
the hate and anger growing.
I think he saw it too...
I saw the pain in his eyes
That is why he arrived


There’s a universe where I never met you,
Where your hands never ran across my skin.
We never kissed in the backseat of my parents’ car,
Faces flushed from the thrill.

Maybe in this universe,
We were on opposite ends of the earth.
My night was your day.
Where I saw a sunset, you saw a sunrise.
Both skies being painted, but with different brushes.

Ebb and Flow

I saw you today
and I felt sad.

Sad because of what we lost.
Sad because I miss being yours.


I saw you today
and I felt nothing

I think it's safe to say,
I'm over you...


I saw you today
and I was so angry

Angry that we don't have
what we could've had...


I saw you today
and I felt relieved

Relieved that we
are not together


I saw you today
and I felt happy

Happy to see you
Alive and well



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