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Having it off

My name is Arabella
And I’m really such a girly
I like to wear nice dresses
And my hair is blonde and curly

With underwear by Reger
And Prada on my feet
Made up to perfection
I give all the men a treat

My perfect breasts the envy
Of the women that I see
They look me up and down
And how, they wish that they were me

I’m very nearly faultless
And quite soon with any luck
I’ll have the money saved
So I can have the nip and tuck

Editing stage: 


I do know some women like that! The rhyme was very good, as was the meter. Nice work! ~ Gee

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Actually Gee, a few weeks ago I went to a job and was told to go and see Denise, it turned out that Denise used to be Dennis and was mid way through a sex change, for some reason he had the idea that he was a real hottie even though he looked like a rugby prop forward in drag, he took great delight in showing off his new breasts and letting everyone that he would soon be having the final cut. Thats where the idea came from, sorry to shatter your illusion.


author comment

Nailed in in one Lonnie, I had thought that I'd been a bit vague but you saw it straight away, bravo, this is based on someone I met recently and as you can imagine it made an impression.


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