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Contest Archive

Note: this page shows contests that have officially concluded, and also includes contests that have expired (but the contest administrator did not pick a winner and close the contest). If contests below say "open to new participants" or "enrolling", they have not yet been closed by the contest administrator. In this case, feel free to remind that contest leader to close the contest. You may also escalate this to the director of contests, or to the Administrative Council. Staff positions are listed at:

Status Name Date Administrator Winning entry
Concluded Neopoet Weekly 07/7/24 to 07/13/24 7 Jul 2024 to 13 Jul 2024 neopoet contests Coal Mine Canary
Concluded Neopoet Weekly 06/30/24 to 07/06/24 29 Jun 2024 to 29 Jul 2024 neopoet contests Wood-smoke
Concluded Neopoet Weekly 06/23/24 to 06/29/24 23 Jun 2024 to 29 Jun 2024 neopoet contests The unexpected
Concluded Neopoet Weekly 06/16/24 to 06/22/24 16 Jun 2024 to 22 Jun 2024 neopoet contests To Unlove You...
Concluded Neopoet Weekly 06/09/24 to 06/15/24 8 Jun 2024 to 15 Jun 2024 neopoet contests Magic
Concluded Neopoet Weelky 06/02/24 to 06/08/24 2 Jun 2024 to 8 Jun 2024 neopoet contests Archeology
Concluded 06/24 Living With Depression 1 Jun 2024 to 30 Jun 2024 neopoet contests A Way Out (final re-w...
Concluded 06/24 New Member Contest 1 Jun 2024 to 30 Jun 2024 neopoet contests
Concluded 06/24 Overdraft 1 Jun 2024 to 30 Jun 2024 neopoet contests Overdraft the Monster......
Concluded 06/24 Five Percent Battery 1 Jun 2024 to 30 Jun 2024 neopoet contests Five Percent Battery...


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