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I spend to live,
I dare not give
Stands to reason
this, a kind of treason.

Treason I say straight from my heart,
this is a betrayal to all of mankind.
When did our selfish world then start,
when did I opt out, become hard to find

Captain’s of industry or
just plain greedy men.
Hidden inside their words,
they eat enough for ten.

I care not for life’s motley crew,
a charity in which I never participate
Those who find selfish hard to do,
don’t deserve the right to celebrate.

Modern Insensate is on my family crest,
we go through life like Giraffes on stilts.
Life’s not a rehearsal not a bloody test,
I have no time for the person who wilts.

So follow me if you don’t have enough,
I know a way to increase your wealth.
It’s just a matter of having the right stuff,
after all the fools always spend on health.

Corrupt you say, is it the Telegraph you read,
this news rag of which tits are so very sparse.
The daily Male belongs to Murdoch god speed,
after all, you know the Sun shines from his arse.

Onwards and upwards to greater things my man,
I’ll find you a position with my gang of friends.
While with me you’ll profit when or if you can,
I deal in a public commodity that never ends.

I deal in need, and that man will always want,
the fools care for each other it’s so bloody weak.
Just look at the parents they look so gaunt,
all because of the havoc that I willingly reek.

See monies the commodity that buys me power,
I tailor their lives with an individual mind set.
Me or the likes of me make the weaklings cower,
we don’t care, and always take what we can get.

And the silly herd they always fall into line,
giving they’re dedication when making us rich.
You might say I’m an ogre or a dirty swine,
doesn’t matter, soon we’ll all fill the same ditch.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
They're all around us, laughing, and having a very nice life....
Editing stage: 


A bit of a rage against the machine. I certainly agree with a lot of what you say here about the often undeserved inequality between the rich an poor. Now onward to some ideas lol.
stanza 4 line3 shouldn't it be easy to do instead of hard to do?
stanza 9 line 4 reek? maybe you mean wreak
stanza 10 line 2 their instead of they're
last stanza line 1 herd not heard, line 2 their not they're
I liked the rhyme and emotive aspects of this..................stan

Thank you Stan, i'll correct my spelling as soon as. Thank you again for commenting. Regards Roscoe..

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

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