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Alright here is a second page since page 1 had become unwieldy.
Exercise # 3
Write 2 stanzas in ABBA pattern

On Helping One Another Become Better Poets

This can be considered a reminder for those who have been here a while and an explanation for newer members.

Neopoet is not like most poetry sites. Our purpose is to actually make poets better, not to inflate or deflate egos.
We are here to lift each other's skills by giving truthful but respectful feed back to each other.If we just say stuff like "great poem" or "I loved this"how can we know where we need to improve ourselves? So if you are here to mainly receive such empty praise you are likely to be disappointed.

Anybody interested in a new workshop?

on rhyme patterns.? If so just say so in comments........stan


I've been in a writing drought lately so haven't been around much. But I'm still here and hope you all have a great Christmas and get what you want instead of what you deserve lol......

Hi Folks

Would anybody be interested in a workshop on rhyme patterns?

OK. I posted a poem for the contest

titled it "Social Distancing". Figured it would be fun and might even be good enough to win but didn't really care about that. I posted it for fun and to show support for contests. But........
It has become a political forum instead. Not my intent, just accidentally. Now the question that I'd like answered is whether this is a good or bad thing? Fell free to post your opinion here ...........stan

hi guys

I'm likely going to be awol a week or so (pause for cheering). My best friend has passed oner to the other side and left me hollow

China and Covid19

I find it strange that the Chinese said that the Chinese virus was not transmitted from person to person for so long. I also find it strange that while they shut down all internal flights from Wuhan they still allowed said flights to continue to the rest of the world, Stange, strange, strange


Greetings all. You will find below a number of titles entered here by members of the "Titles" workshop. Please feel free to use any of them you like as a prompt and title for your own poem and use them now or any time in the future. thanks......stan

TITLES......let's begin

Welcome to the titles workshop. This one will be a bit different than previous ones as I intend to put the entire shop on stream in hopes that those who have never participated in one will see that doing so is painless.
So to begin with let's talk about titles.


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