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scribbler's blog

May contest winner

please join me in giving congratulations to the May contest winner. The contest was so difficult to judge there is also an Honorable mention this month. Here are the poems:

My life style (may contest).
Submitted by Simon on Tue, 2019-05-07 22:39


Ever read a poem which inspired you to write another poem? Then this contest is for you. We're going to do an inspired writes contest this month. Hit contest tab for the rules and be sure to post your entry through said tab....makes it easier on the judge. So find that poem that inspires you and wet that ol' quill.........stan

Greetings all, possible workshop

Anybody up for a connecting through imagery workshop? We will explore connecting to readers by way of imagery use

May contest addendum

OK folks, I know I posted a poem far too long for the contest requirement which state a MAX. of 20 lines. But I can't win the contest anyway since I'm contest director. In the event ya'll took my far too long entry as an OK to post a poem longer than the contest requires this is not so !....So Please, if your poem is more than 20 lines in length then you need to do as I just did and trim it down to a Maximum of 20 lines and preferably fewer.

Mothers' Day

My dear mother has been gone for years. Since I can't wish her a happy mothers' day I know a lot of the ladies here have children so I'll give my best wishes to them. I hope you all have a great day

April contest winner

A thousand pardons. Lowell left site and thus the contest winner is Geezer for his poem "Light My Way" Please join me in extending congrats to him.

Light My Way

Hail to the lamp that shows the way
From the early lights
Made with sticks and hay

Flames contained in bowls of oil
Wicks made from cloth
Rolled in a coil

Lamps that shone on vellum bleached
Light to see by
While concepts reached

Flames reflected in shining glass
Tended and fed
Fuels of fat or gas

MAY CONTEST (poetic selfie)

Alright, everybody likes to talk about themselves so this should be easy lol. We're gonna write a poetic selfie about ourselves capturing a specific aspect or happening about ourselves. Hit the "Contest" tag to get specifics and sharpen those quills.....stan PS Please Do Not forget the brevity requirement for this contest. There is plenty of time left to edit and anything over 20 lines will be DQed.
here's the link to contest page :


I reckon we are all familiar with odes to such high minded things as love or loyalty. This month we're gonna write an ode to something common like a lawn mower or old jacket or such. Still want to maintain a high language use level. So trim the quilt and get to writing . PS don't forget to use contest tab and put (April contest) next to title..

March Contest Winner

Please join me in congratulating the winner of the March contest. It is Cloudthing's poem "PHENYLETHYLAMINE"...A very close runner up was Lowell Mark's "For Patricia". Here is the winning poem:
by Cloudthings
Love is not a pretty ride
A fairground fantasy
Love is never careless flowers
Or just saying those words to me

Feb. Contest winner

Please join me in congratulating Rula for winning the Feb. contest for her poem "a Pristine Day"
A Pristine Day (February Contest)
Submitted by Rula
As darkness prints down with its claw,
they would share the same room, the same
bed and the same pillow- the dame
and her poisonous fellow.

Every night, the snake would crawl in
with its bold, green shiny eyes
while twitching along with its tail.
It starts the hissing, spitting
and growling then tightly twists
around to torque the frightened lady.


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