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When I review a poem, I am being honest and open about my thoughts
as to what I believe needs work and what I think works well there. Sometimes I may write
something that you or others do not agree with. We are a very diverse community.
But, please note, I will never try to degrade a writer or simply say things I
do not totally feel or believe.

Just because a page full of praise is presented, you, as a writer, should still try
to take in all of your feedback.

Classic Poets Of NewNeopoet!

Each one on this old,
Now new neopoet
Is a classic
I learn from the very core
That each one of you reveals
From the fathoms
Of your hearts!

How I wish I too had
Such a fathomless heart,
As love sinks deep
In each poem I read
My mind does plead
Oh Loved
When wilt thou accomplish
Such a deed
I wonder and shudder
That’s all indeed.

Let's talk about critique

When is it considered ok to rewrite a poem for
a poet? In my opinion; never. The job of the critic
is to point out where the problem lies, not to rewrite
the poem, how is that helping the writer?
To offer word suggestions is fine, but at the same
time try to explain why the word chosen by the writer
didn't work for you.
The intent of a workshop is to enlighten everyone
involved, let's discuss how we can accomplish that.

Poems From My old NeoPoet


i saw the man who gave end to my life..
he’s so lonely at the time i died..
feel obsessed that he did not mind,
just turn crying by my side..

felt overused to problems, he uttered no words to speak..
with his face turning dimmed, he’s really depressed
of unrest in his life that he did not find
time to touch the approaching light..

Playing With Words(Part 1)


i caught you hiding at the back of the door,
you're so familiar yet i don't know your name
we have heard about your stories before
and i could feel you for i've once felt the same...

scared you suddenly ran from place to place..
i guessed you're crying yet i can hardly hear,
my friend, you should look for them at somewhere else
surely, your family is not living here...


"Best Friend"


where everyone is going
following along

Truth be Told

I recount a story
to one, it sounds one way
I tell it to another
it is somehow different

no lies
no decptions intended
it just come out the way it does

I'm sure the person i'm telling
-his character
our relationship-
has somthing to do with it

yet, this does not account for
all the discrepancies
or inconsistancies

Hi: Neopoet Friends

It is great to be back. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my email tonight and saw Neopoet was back up and running. I felt a great lost without Neopoet, but knew it wouldn't be long before we meet again.

I have been writing a lot, but not as much as I was. My son the musician recorded me as I put one of my poems to music.

"The Gibbous Moon"

Tonight the gibbous moon shined bright
Like catharsis for my infinite thoughts

Site suggestions. Feel free to discuss

This is a few suggestions I have come up with concerning the site. Right now, the site is minimal and looks nothing like what it will when the official launch happens.

. Whether they can be done or not I don't know.

1) Is there a way to lock to top menu bar so it always remains visible?

2) The left side bar is too wide and if there is a way to lock it in place it would be nice also.

3) Need more room width wise for the posts. Too much unused space.

4) The navigation doesn't seem to be intuitive enough yet..

5) Could use some more color

New Neo

Hello everyone,

It is great to be back. Very different format, but I guess Andrew is hard at working trying to make things as they were.

Good to be back to my second home

China Blue


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