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A Bizarre Dream

black flowers
something like lily-tulips
cross-pollinated with pitcher plants
or venus fly traps

hungry, toothed
with dog's teeth

not to be disturbed

on their broad, stubby tongues
salivating with pollen
were dead black birds, uneaten
(perhaps that is telling of something?)

faint squawks echoed still
from moments past,
when the speed of sound slowed down

try as I might
to move between them
field-yard was too heavily dotted
with their presence

I alerted them

Putrid Precepts:






In my mind I walked the shore
It changed as did my mood
Cold sands seemed compacted
A surface that would hold an elephant

Tiny grains to shift as I
Pebbles as thrown by the sea
Jagged rocks with harsh surfaces
Just a beach that found the world as I did

There the sea came rushing to me
A raging storm smashing all it touched
To swirling eddies we feared so much
Then shifting tides ebbing and flowing.

A Clear View

through a window port onto soaring heights in flight as the Hummingbird dwell to tell
we stand in ovation to the servanthood of a new days dawn a portion of dust on the patio

a tug at the heart will light the inner spark to where we need to go to places unknown
there's a falling of embers sad but try bitten off far more then we could ever chew

balance for power swept things under the rug stop the fragrance of sin where to begin
deep thoughts permeate through the sultan sheets a cloud in dire grey matter

A pinch of salt.

“I’ll always take what you say, with a pinch of salt”
This, She said to me without a touch of the iron
Required to wrinkle out the truth, which belies a Mother’s belief
At twenty thousand miles of distance and grief

Only time that drains her voice of tune once held
At the other end, can be felt, that strength
Which once admonished so stoutly, now
Furrows a condescending prow, two oceans distance

An Ode To My Smart Phone [March Contest]

I used to have a Galaxy 3,
but now I wanna be up-to-date
I'll give the old one just for free,
and buy the latest, that's Note 8.

I'll always slip it in my pocket
and sleep with it every night.
My dreams come true when the net
is faster with a 4G byte.

You know how much cell-phones are dear,
for they would keep us all in touch,
so I'll never have the fear,
of losing friends that mean so much.

I Hate My Cellphone (March Contest)

Always I did carry a cell phone
When it pinged I was suddenly known
So I tossed it one day
On the first day of May
My whereabouts never to be blown


Bury me with my cell phone when I die
I have prepared my text of colorful emoji’s-
Make sure it’s charged and set online.
Put my fingertips on its tiny keys.

For it was my holiest companion in life
Which I treasured above all human love;
It is more than priest or pet or wife-
It is the way I’ll contact my maker above

When I reach the heavenly internet,
And use the google to find the link.
But what of my fear and deep regret
If the angels do not sing, but think

What You Don't Know About Me

today I sit & daze out my window having no regrets sowed seeds of honesty
in humble brevity the words start to get heavy yeah it ain't easy feeling needy
inside I fall behind four walls that blind but in time the magic episode truth be told
have an ocean of thoughts hidden inside the time I was 16 wanted to kill myself
took a noose around my neck but in the nick of time said, "What the heck I'm going to regret"?


blue heron
on Green Lake

trembling stems
dull winter wind

their throats
crows bark like dogs


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