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Community News

Winners - September 2023 Contests!

Congratulations  to all of last month’s winners.


Ruby Lord won the School Days contest with the poem SISTER PAULINE

Paleoray won the Neopoem Of The Week September 24th To September 30th 2023 with the poem  Symphonic Ecstasy 

Ruby Lord  won the September 2023 Challenge Meeting the grim reaper with the poem Dead or Alive

Lavender  won the September 2023 Challenge Write about being invisible with the poem Old Ford

Hon won the September 2023 Challenge Waking up in the back of a police car with the poem Waking in the back of the police seat

 Credell Simeon won the September 2023 Challenge Waiting to see the doctor with the poem Stress Relief Doctor's visit

Isabel Agatha  won the September 2023 New Member Contest with the poem drunken hiccups

Neopoet Image Prompt Contest August 2023

Clentin  won the Neopoet Image Prompt Contest August 2023 With his poem titled  Fairy Tales Remembered. Congratulations to Clentin on a job well done.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Separating Sea

If my God would work His magic,
turn the tide on truth too tragic.
I’d cross the separating sea
to find the girl who once loved me.

But true love’s torrents have run dry,
and sailing ‘neath this savage sky
is hopeless; traitors tore to pieces
our love, (those wolves with sheepish fleeces.)

With cruel assassins’ bitter blade,
they bled us, watched our feelings fade.
Then glide, among the graveyards grieving.
Bitter and broken, barely breathing.


In the quiet of the night, we pray,
Underneath the moon's soft, silver ray.
Guide us through darkness, show the way,
In your loving arms, we wish to stay.

Grant us strength, courage, and grace,
To walk through life's ever-changing pace.
May we find joy in each new day's face,
And in your embrace, we find our place.

Bless our hearts with love and care,
For all the burdens we must bear.
In our moments of doubts, fear and despair,
Let your presence reassure and repair.

Everyday Sounds

Singing and laughing every day
Sparks life in the form of play

It supplies our family with caring
And asks us to continue sharing

Sounds that bring us all together
Helps us to provide our love forever

Such a simple set of actions
Dissolves so many fractions

Our day ends with loving smiles
Allowing us to enhance our styles

Sky blue pink

Sky blue pink
Shimmering delight
What resplendent wonder
Seeking to know the sun’s hunger

Ardent to offer its kind of liquid light
Inviting within its radiant wave length
Dawn eases into the morning’s arresting shift
Bound to be the trees adorning spotlight

Birds awaken too and gasp at its stirring
Marches from branches and sets off in flight
Goes out to become one with the daylight
Races to the brink of the horizon just as the heat starts rising



In The Moment

By ghostly wind, through the open window pane
He appeared; thick fingers entangled in my hair
Paralyzed, hypnotized, mesmerized by his eyes
Locked in a trance, we began to dance; bodies intertwined

Cold sheets under fevered flesh
Sweat pelted like rain against every inch
Blanketed in his scent; our souls began to mesh
Shivers tattooed in wanton.

Inside The Coffee Shop

Espresso steam tantalizes
the air drifting along
pothos vines and
untroubled folk in
comfy chairs.

White cups converse
on tidy shelves
above glassed-in
croissants, quaint sandwiches
and perfect red apples.

Rehearsed requests flow like
arias from customers' coveting lips
while waiting in line toting
iPhones, bookbags,
and trendy backpacks.

We are all warm and fuzzy inside,
homogenized with the earthy bean
that traces its prominent savor from Ethiopia.

Family Reunion

With open displays of love and laughter,
and affection still in the fore,
a family friend admired how it all seemed
and felt so genuine, so at ease after all these years.

“This is how families should be.”, she observed.
But she couldn’t see the crimes and misdemeanors
of the past, and the forgiveness behind them.

Later, we cut the September celebration cake
and shared it with all who were present.
There, on our festive plates, it was obvious to all
the tenacity of love still had a place at our table.


Watch the sun reclining into its shelter,
How it folds, journeying for rest,
Watch the stars dwindling when it's dawn,
Lights burning out, fading into afterlife
Time tells our story, ends our reign
There's no rest on life's street, no home to play,
Forever ever, plus ca change
Bells on pause, waiting to jingle the signals
The road calls to end when home comes


Long teeth and sour snort, a mumble as he creeps.
Her eyes no longer open, forever visions as she sleeps.
And darkness closes round her, touching deep her bones,
A cold gulp of the reaper, hunting what he owns.

Her heart it beats so slowly, blood travels without haste,
Her lips are blue and thin, as he savours her to taste.
Her lids flutter frailly, you sense he’ll soon collect,
She takes a turn for the worse, what did you expect?


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