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Skin Cells - A Lame Take

Dust is what I think of when we pass away
Parts of us before our time, and then all at once
I love overthinking, seeing parts of me gone

And why are belts tightened and hearts working?
We work very gladly to send another layer away

The simple analogy is meant to do whatever
Whichever the reaction, there’s the meaning
I’m. A. Goldfish. Dammit.
See what I did there? If you didn’t, that was supposed to happen.

Cellar Door Sound Of Terror Cellar Door WS

The cellar door squeaked in the night
The sound of terror traveled till dawn
Not a moment of silence enter my thoughts
As the stars twinkled and the moon shined..

I got up every so often to watch the stars
For fairies and pixies stopping by
Spreading pixie dust everywhere
Hoping to see a spaceship hovering near by..

I'm usually on my MacBook creating videos
Not tonight the sound of a cellar door
Squeaked momentarily had me mesmerized
And the sound of terror traveled till dawn..


My Call's A Cellar Door (Cellar Door WS) with audio

My call's a cellar door
That unlocks my fears
With no rusty hinges
With no wheels to squeal

My call's a cellar door
With vascular veins
With featured fringes
It rules and reigns
Over all other doors
Drawers, attics and stores


Up The Ante

Like cards in a deck
What was on bottom
Ends up on top
What was on top
On bottom

As fate shuffles
And shuffles again

Those with spades
Become kings
Those with diamonds
A mere single digit number

It can feel like the gods
Are playing a game
With our lives

Betting for
Or against us

Dionysus bluffing, again
Zeus folding with fury
Hera going all in
Hermes quickly
Taking another card
From the deck

I Heard That

I heard that
the end is nigh
all you need is love
the Russians are coming
and sneakers make your feet stink
blondes are stupid
Jussie dindunuffin
the Arc has been found
and Michelle Obama is a man
vegans are healthy
broccoli cures cancer
spinsters are fun
and plaid panted hipsters are as cool as they come
the earth is flat
craft beers are good
sluts make fine brides
and pedos are misunderstood
nazis are everywhere and the KKK
the SPLC is not biased

Dead End Street

He was a dead end street,
beneath a darkest night
where wildflowers die.
I drew my heart back knowing
the only thing left was to let go.
He never knew me then
but take a look at me now;
dreams unravelled,
ribbons frayed upon lace.

I drove all night.
I drank too much.
In that silence
while he was in her bed again
I stopped crying.
I packed his things,
He was a dead end street
between empty bottles
and vacant streets.
I swore it would be the last time
I’d find myself there.

Sighs Of Madness

I couldn't find a way to post
a poem
so I chose a Blog

This is the state of senility
when you think
you have reached the zenith
of your poetic mastery

Just damn care
if any one scans it
'tis your level of incompetence finally
and emotionally

think it's your best piece of infinite poetry
Damn all emotions
if ye wish

All poetry
is not really fit for society
no 'tis not any more poetry
from Lovedly

The Marrying Kind

you need each other like a vampire needs blood
you've always loved her ass
those long legs
unexpected arguments
the word no
fantasies of make up sex
make up sex

late night sneaking farts
off spring
debt and drudgery
till half dead
weight gain from a sagging liver
and retching love

labyrinth's of desire and anger
divorce; the sword of Damocles
a mad hatter chandelier

The Cellar Door

Don’t open the cellar door!
Down in the depths are dark dreams.
Satyrs have been known to enslave the angels
Making them perform erotic madrigals.
The stuff of loamy foam hangs on the walls
Like a moist sheet of sperms, like spears,
Waiting to dive in the egg.
You will descend to be trapped in a spiderweb
Of steel wires to be devoured whole.
Do not open that door!


Cellar Door

Cellar door
Spanish bullshit

Toilet bowl
Scummy rim
Dirty meaning

Start again
Repeat the name
Cellar door
Once more

Cellar door
Cellar door
And pain

Lock me in
Shoot the bolt
Down the stairs

Red cape
Planes above
Looking through the
Cellar light
Burning bright
Shouting out the



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