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Description: Write a poem to your childhood self. 12 to 32 lines written in rhyme or free verse .

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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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Sea Legs

the man with folded legs
and soggy shoes just below the shoreline
sits on my love
the wind tells the trees to breathe
as the man with the folded legs
reminds me of what one can do with so many tears
I can make an ocean for you
for the sea's make fond memories
and waves scream louder then my voice carries your name
the man with the folded legs sits on my love
plush and ripe
and buries it in sand
heavy toes write a eulogy on my burial site
as his folded legs walk in lies
where to the sea he falls

Into Blue

Something new, unheard yet
Blooming from into Blue
Shaping a flow, body with ease
A rhythmic exchange, perfectly simplistic

The transparent cord between
Fusing the harmonies into one
Raspy sweetness to the ears
Becoming with the own

Beneath, Below, Beyond

I sit beneath
my wide-brimmed hat
below a sky so grand,
I wonder how far away
tomorrow lies.

Certainly in that blue expanse
there is born one place
where the slightest moment
crosses over into what is yet
colorless and untroubled.

Where you have no given name,
but are distinguished
by the way the wind
catches your hair,
or why you cried as a child.

The Boundless Sea

I wish to know if my spirit could be bound
Like the seemingly endless sea we found
Nobody recalls the beginning of one’s life
Stormy times we go through, amounts of strife

I wish I could tack from New England to Old
See all the glorious stories I had been told
Yet I can only see but the sweep of a gull
Above our boat and off the beat up hull

I wish I knew the meaning of you
Endless sea of greenish blue
Where storms, then calm, bring satisfaction
Where there really is no thought - planned action


I’m not broken
I am a collection of
Unhelpful thoughts and
Unhealthy behaviors
Dearly earned as means of
preservation of a self
That was never me


There is a house today full of gloom
The smell of food lingers in every room
She feels sadness as soon as she walks in
He is lying quietly in the almost empty den
There is talk of life, and there is talk of death
She tries her best to catch her labored breath
She remembers the last time that she left
Now he is gone, she only blames herself
She feels her tears as they start to fall down
It will be the last time she sees him above ground
She walks into the den and sees him lying there

The hidden letter

My heart writes everything about you,
thoughts in me are already rising up,
my head is now over weight of words,
I'm totally and emotionally sinking in.

day after day I keep remembering you,
'cause you're the embodiment of love,
I can't resist these natural feelings,
i'm caught in the fire of your love.

Your smile has overshadowed me,
'cause your beauty has sanctified you,
I intend to confess this love to you but,
I cant- just because I'm stammering.

My conversation with a famous person.

My conversation with the famous person went something like this! How did you get so famous just by writing and flipping pages? When I become big and Grand my lyricism will be psychedelic, moving within your system like a high repellent!. I told him I'm jealous he said " one day you two will reap great wellness!, be that diamond that you are !as sharp as your poetic lyrics that got you this far"!.

My trip down memory lane - Eulogy for a poem

This poem I’m sorry to write
In the absence of another,
The one that would be the best
Or else I wouldn’t bother.

Of that poem, the perfect one,
You would be the muse,
But I can’t see you, you’re not here,
So to write it there’s no use.

That poem hatched deep in my heart
Rather than my hollow head.
Both of them are aching now
While lying in an empty bed.

The world’s best poem it would be,
I am dead sure of it,
For in the oyster of my soul
Only your pearl would fit.

Eat my words

a wrongful truth of warm citrus and lumpy water
watching my mouth move in curls and downturns
a discolored sock of clay and a screaming blossom tree
watching my wrinkles in a whirlpool licking the tide of my eyebrows
an ink splotch on a white flock and a rotten slice of apricot
watching my stranger eyes staring back into me a rising blue tornado of delirium
a smell of vomit bleaching flesh and a hasty bee prick
watching my face melt from the ceiling and playing with the noose
an imposing stench and the scent of decaying beauty


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