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Mother's Day Image Prompt Contest Winner!

This winning poem of the Mother’s Day image prompt contest is

Mum... You and I by Rula

Let us congratulate Rula on another contest win.

This week the Neopoem is

 Loving You by  hippiemoon

Let us congratulate hippiemoon on another contest win.

Neopoet Weekly 05/12/24 to 05/18/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is


Mosquitos Suck!
  By William Lynn


Congratulations to William Lynn for racking up another contest win!

Neopoet Weekly 05/05/24 to 05/11/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Ways of loving by  Terumi Sakurai

Let us congratulate Terumi Sakurai on their first win as a neopoet member.

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I forgive!

Soaring above the clouds of conceit
searching for some sort of spiritual relief
seeking a mantra to suit my own time
something impressive to placate my mind
to give my heart meaning, as I address
the questions that seem to so heavily press
words slowly form upon my lips
fluently pass from the inner abyss
into a notion so sublime and true
that allow me to say that I forgive you!

By Tooth Fairy Rules

A boxing punch knocked out my tooth
When brother jabbed me with a blow;
In grief, he said that I’d be rich,
If tooth was left in my pillow.

At home I showed my Mom the gap,
With baby tooth in hand from punch;
Then with a hug, she shared with me
About the tooth fairy at lunch.

That night I tucked my tooth in sham,
Then dreamt of piles and piles of cash;
But when I woke and found no dough,
I ran to mother in a dash.

Black feeling

Being. Red and misunderstood. And, what?
Does it hurt? To be.
A lover.


In February of 41 promotion came his way,
His wife received a telegram the words on it did say:
Confirmed, Commissioned PFO,
Pilot Flying Officer to you.
Just 28 a wife and child
With hopes of a future new.

My Gold

In whom I spent my old days and nights,
Who rocked me in my cradle;
And fed my pretty mouth with a spoon,
Did weep while I should weep.
How much will I pay
For the pain you’ve taken for me?

Who worked that jumper to keep me warm;
Treated me with diffidence and respect,
Her healthy arms always be my stay,
And always admired my prudent face that filled with laughter.
How much will I pay
For the pains you’ve taken for me?

My very own

Maybe one day we will wake up, and we will forget
Both you and I, that we ever met
That either was a chapter, in the other's life, nor a page, in the books of our mights

I wish to forget, just like that
The thought of you, to just disappear, into thin air, and never come back
To never think of you, like we never met, how I need that

For a moment there, I thought it was over,
I thought maybe, I would never write a poem, nor have a thought, or a sort of feeling
For a moment, I was numb, at the thought of you, I felt nothing


My words
They started bleeding
They are falling apart
And I'm no different than my words
My world is getting shattered
Just like my heart
And was that world a lie?
Was it all useless?
Was it all wasted?
Was i a fool
For you?

Mosquitos Suck!

Of all the creatures great and small
The one that I detest the very most,
The blood thirsty, damned mosquito,
I have no desire to be its dinner host.

The mosquito plays no favorites
It's most willing to drill and bite,
Everyone it darn well chooses,
There's no chance to wage a fight.

But fight I will with all I have
Be it sprays or creams or such,
I'll wear light colored clothing
But it doesn't help that much.

Have faith and believe!

Where do you go
and what do you do.
When you've lost
the desire to have faith?
When you feel
that your suffering
has taken you past
God's power
to succor and save.
When the friend you once knew,
stands with open arms
and you just want
to walk away.
Do you myopically assume
that your way is right.
Digging your grave
in the middle of the night.
Is heaven too much
of a leap to make
in your present disorderly state
or is it anger


Why is my fate like that
Why can't my fate be your fate
Why can't your world
Colide with mine
Why can't we be
Like two swans
That will die for one another
Who's souls are
intertwined together
Like two hearts
Beating as one
Like two jasmine vines
Interwoven together?
I know why
Because the time is demiseing
I feel it
I know it


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