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Piercing Skulls

there in a lantern was brought about from a witch
long walk in the woods almost in a ditch
she carried away with a scent or two of lavender musk
their in the center of her lane was piercing skulls
let me be the first to explain

society had gotten inside of me so today I devout myself to poetry
through the inside of its fallen leaves
we stand together nestled from the furtherance of a smile
the witch drank her forbidden brew of blood curdling taste
leaving behind not the slightest hint of an aroma

[Love/Trust] Runic Symbols

T r u s t is the short cut to L o v e



L..ast night I dreamed

O..f you O what a dream

V..ery serene bottled up were we two

E..ach entwined in a bottle of red wine

D..emonstrating our love and fragrance a moon spinning around the sun

Y..ou and I both like twins enjoined

Friendship [Runic Symbol: Algiz]

F r i e n d s h i p is a ship fueled by trust, free to board, even in dire straits.

An ending.

There is an honesty that brings
There is a stained window,
Where looking on a perfect valley
You can find the world, slow
Where rain begins.

You can find there, your worn body
That faces a day
And in some strangeness
You realize, that you are the prey.

I hear the way that people’s brains work out
But the cat of ingestion,
Left me in doubt
Tolerance to life is a certain thing,
But what symbiosis,
What paralytic
Could create such a craze?

Realto REM

The Rialto Theater was ugly brick
Dirt washed concrete from exhaust did then stick
Expresso Pizza is still a hang out
For the longest time, best pizza no doubt

Rialto was busy that Friday night
Insides decorated in black and white
To sit center of the musty theater
Soon to be sold by James Hill the realtor

From the right room corner came flashing light
Soon obvious, a fire causing fright
Everyone running and stumbling, a mess
Now in comfort and so thinking to bless

Visit to the Paris Catacombs

“If there is a god he will have to beg my forgiveness” Scratched into a wall at Auschwitz

Is This Growing Up

It can mean so many different things.
Going without,
Moving on,
Wanting less,
Letting the pillow be the only thing that hears your screams.
It means, not saying you are lonely
When you truly feel like the last bird caught in a snowstorm,
As your wings freeze in the wind,
Losing altitude, and losing grip.
Accepting the unacceptable.
Bearing the unbearable.

Tackling Terror:

Two branches of the same one religion
Fighting interpretation of edict
Modern weapons aiding old rebellion
Civilians caught in crosshairs of conflict

Missile streaking towards intended spot
More than ten “terrorists” killed in attack
Survivors shrieking for the dead and not
Able to grasp classmates will not be back

Sputnik whizzing by

If you cock an ear on a moonlit night-
point it to the sky,
you just may hear the crunch of gear
of sputnik whizzing by,

It was built by them there Russians
errrrrrrm,,,, 'bout 1957,
outta garbage cans n rusty vans
then launched quite close to heaven,

think it's due fer re-entry soon-
but I guess I'll be in bed.
so I'll pray real hard that she's off her guard
and it lands on the ex wife's head



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