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The Reason I Smile

You might ask me
The reason I smile today
Let me flaunt it a little
I’m wearing the smile that
You put on my face.
Wondering, I’m amazed by
Your haughty grace.
So many unforgettable hours
Squeezed in between
The hands of a clock. They raced
Past us fast, Tick Tick Tock!
Now, in my fondest of
Memories you lay. Robust with
Attitude, that lovely sway and a
Rocking laughter. All of it
I pray you would keep
As you, with you forever.
Don’t get me wrong. Your

Sunlight Like Crystals

garden paradise
swan lake
shimmering sunlight
like crystals
on the watery surface...

turtles at the waters edge
swans hiding beneath underbrush
stork nearby
middle of the lake...

kids play at the play ground
parents nearby
watching over their children
birds call
mating in midair...

butterflies flutter
yellow jackets
black and yellow bumblebees
sip nectar from flowers surface...

showers of light like stars
pulled me
spiraling in the wind
as the sunsets...

Not Alone Primal Poetry

not alone
in the darkness
thick forest
empty trail...

cabin overgrown
little girl
grassy town...

beyond the prairie
open field darkness everywhere...

path through the trees
many faces appear with me
in the darkness
light comes forth...

end of the grassy road
light brighter than day
opened the way to the cosmos
darkness retreat
into the expanse I go
where dreams are...


Mortician's Kiss Goodbye Primal WS

I'm not coming back
no more vain rebellions

hello to nothing
from the minister of nothing
no ones home but shapeless shadows
cutting across mysteries
of multiple worlds

an empty head
so patient
ghost moon

my legs aren't tired anymore
here in the undergrowth
of slugs slides and slime
whispering hymns needle green

buoyant belly on the rings of night
libation of death
apprehending the void
dissolving doom broadens to immensity
like a light flicks on
wonder wave


Drifting (Primal poetry Part One new piece)


I will ask you to join me for a walk,
There is a high place that I know
We can meet there on a grassy knoll
Overlooking the quiet sea below.

Underfoot the grasses give way to chalk
As down we go no need to talk
Here the cliff side is trodden down
Many come here from busy towns

Leave all those things behind
Here the sand will capture your mind
Soft surface in waves blown by the breeze
Follow each movement draws you on


[Tanka] (primal poetry phase 2)

drumming in odd time
woman blowing in my face
sparks relaxation
pinpoint lights come and go fast
restlessness to freshened


Daydream (Primal poetry phase 2)

Sharp arrow, free as wind
Shot from primal instincts
Gliding through the sorrows
Trying to reach ease
Catching the eyes
Of leathery skin
Shedding below its flight path
In the valley of wariness
Where everything is and is not
A vivid bulls-eye
Two directions, two paths
One pounding door
One that lures comfort
If a serpent can shed
Certainly a heart will try
With internal desire to ascend
The enigma pulling back
Holding steady aim
Despite many who have tried


By The Fall

like looseleaf
going over
a waterfall

this ambling pen writes
into white water

words that tumble
into the depths
of humanity and heartbreak

the dark roil
and staring
into hungry fishes'
unblinking eyes

they've seen so much
(all the river carries)
in sorrow

and when not caught
in their gaping maws

seen them resurface
to amble again
just the same

but changed
by the fall

Breeze Blows

The breeze blows away

the best of names

yours may also

but mine is for sure
of that there is no panacea
nor cure

Phase ll Primal Poetry

Cycling Being ~ read backward from right to left and reverse ~ continuing rhythm

is place from
inside out
out inside
from place is
is place from
inside out
out inside
from place is
is place from
inside out
out inside
from place is
is place from
inside out
out inside
from place is



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