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Lonely Nights

This place seems so empty
The music in my ears so dull
Where are you all? Please call.

I sit here as the day passes
Thinking of things to do
Tempered by keys I cannot see.

Where are you out there?
That you seem to have forgotten me
The stars are dim or is it my eyes?

It is time for us all to share
Why do you just sit and stare
I will be here for as long as it takes

Your new day will bloom
Or the old one will cling to you
Damn I have things to share time is few.

An Imperfect Love Poem

When the moon met her night,
It was like when Bonnie met her Clyde.
A match made in the heavens above, so below.
When the sun met his sea,
It was like when the thief met his crime.
No earthly power could separate the two.
So in love the moon with her night.
Like the gods made night for her and her for night.
No magic, nor power could pull them apart.
Their love would last from here and far.

Prisca enang is missing

and acolytes of callow youth
to make minors centigrade of descry
utopian, will you awaken acquiescence
Palestine in its boyish age,
attrition fright palsy
but masquerade sentinels trees stand
over mortal tiredness, worthless than demented brigands
amok basketsfull yarn small ship worlds
reclusivity a starry eyed obeisance
purported prima causa,
if i die and i dont see king David,
no i must.

+S A L I N E-

grams of silence
weighted in the slender arch
the palm prior paths
Octavius's oath hastened
on light glistened gurney

the slim lines translucent
like serpents rising

pinch me
I'm alive

buried in the gauze
and fog mines

sleepy world

How is it every time, I awake
I find the sleepy world
all my accepted friends are snoring
and when they come on line
they will not find
me active and alive
so Likes they will leave for me
to count and strive.

keep snoring gals and guys
life is so boring
sleep and death are akin
long, silent and snoring

I just woke up from slumber
to realize
death is no surmise

a deafening long eternal sleep
from which none does ever rise.
that is for real
but no surprise

Idul Fitri

The fasting month has come to pass
now it is time to celebrate Idul Fitri
weaving memories of happiness
as we visit the homes of loved ones
rejoicing in the moments of bliss

Tears of joy spilling, washing away
a mountain of past sins.
Praise Allah for all his blessings
as we embrace one another
in the spirit of togetherness,
acknowledging our wrongs
to heal broken ties
and to form a stronger bond
formed by love, faith and unity

The Raven

My dearest Raven
fairest flight of them all
will you make shelter
in the face of the squall
or shall you break wing
like browning leaves in fall?

My dearest Raven
shall I cast thee a spell
to stave you from flying
through the fires of such hell
or shall you burn black
like oil fired from the well?

My dearest Raven
feared pilot in the air
shall you feed your young
with the odds tilted from fair
or shall you become prey
like site faking a stare?

I Begin Once More

How could you not forgive me?
My heart was laid bare to your eyes
Then you shifted my dreams asunder
Making nightmares of their plan.

Now you need me to forgive you
That you have returned tail between legs
It should never have been, this love song
Where you wrote the words to suit your ways

We must now drift as gossamer strands
That they in their flight will hold a purpose
I feel we should rebuild another life
Outside of our touch of fraught feelings

Fire Works

Stereotyped fire games;

Some set afire,
some sit down the fire,
barbeque Party's on

In Gaza.

Let them also read us

You ought to celebrate
a new dawn
ere the wasp had come to warn
the dire need of virus infection
with no explanation

twas your lucky day
here's a toast in my hand
so now stand
o man!

But what makes me wonder still... you are so hopeful... that our poetry read they will...
while you have no exposure to the www ... to show
who have and who won't...

till you broaden your vision...
on the Internet by more explosion


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