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Keke Beach

Sand; soft beach-
front. Back side-
walk runs
borderline between
wayward worlds.
Cubic diamonds,
coarse grains attractive; untractive.

Carved castles crumble.
Piercing pieces of
shelled shells, sheltered;
hidden openly.
Camouflaged karma…

Walk with we.

Different skins same sins

Different skins same sins

We’re men of different skins,
fighting for a coloured flag.
In the end no one ever wins,
all that sin for nothing, a drag.

Does it matter who fires the first shot,
I wonder what the bibles say.
If they fight for what you’ve got,
isn’t that coveting on display.

Covet a very comfortable word,
in a book of ready made excuses.
To say it borders on the absurd,
only ever helps hide it’s abuses.

Great Mistakes

Hear you dear friends,
the great folly of Man!

We toiled day and night for money,
believing a false picture of happiness
but we became so greedy
that our hearts are filled with emptiness
while time is waited on an endless search
for mortal wealth, forsaking health
claiming that it is for our own self worth
as if we'll never face inevitable death
In truth, dollars and cents will be useless
once we are consigned to the ground
its only the good deeds that you've done
will lead you to rewards, unbound.



I know what it is
this thing
they call a broken heart
words of love meant to soothe
lingering now in past time
failed promises
a sudden disconnect of two souls
one to suffer
the other to betray
and I sink deeper and deeper
into myself
waiting patiently for death
to end this terrible loneliness

A Study In Pink SECTION 12

Closing time at the tavern, Guy French is about.
Questioning Anabel Lee, she saw something, no doubt.
"How do you know Fitzroy," He thundered, as she cleaned up the bar.
Rolling her eyes, Anabel smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

A Study in Pink (Section Eleven)

"Bring on all the suspects now and haste,
ordered Maure, we have no much time to waste."
" We've already some valid clues, and
I've got reports 'bout a wife's abuse!!"

Now Macwill couldn't find his wife, his fears grow,
and thought she could give his business-life a blow.

"If cops find out what's going in the bed
they sure would charge me of Fitzory's head."

A Study in Pink: section ten

Mackwill paces rapidly about his cold boudoir.
He’s found a thing tucked deep inside his oak and steel armoire.
How it got there he can’t guess spite knowing what it is.
Now he has a problem more pronounced than just his biz.

‘Her thoughts race absorbing facts found near the crime scene.’

“Guy, I want the girl, the barmaid seen, you know of whom I speak.
She saw a thing I want to know and know before she leaks
the secrets to the press and all, but here’s the other pain:
the trail of blood in the hotel come in from out the rain”

Olive Twig

He thought her a poem last Sunday
He thought it and parlayed it where she lay
Commanding the verses and words in array
He thought her a poem last Sunday
He thought it and then he went away

~You cannot control me now;~
~You can’t rule me.~
~You cannot control me now;~
~You got rid of me.~

He caught her a cloud the other day
He caught it and nestled it where she lay
So amazing, yet so full of empty dismay
He caught her a cloud the other day
He caught it and then he went away

A Study in Pink: section nine9..

Just a recollection
I am Milford Lowe

Scribblers piece for No 7 A Study in Pink

I'm here
Limited time to post so here goes:-

Mog floats the night, mist filled and dead
savouring *Jack's last fulsome taste
seeking someone to fill Jack's stead.
Mog drifts slowly, there is no haste.
Nearby it hears a scream and gurgle
decides to waft toward the scene
(did someone die in midst of burgle?)
The "taste” of fear is coloured green.


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