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marvelous just marvy.....on joining a workshop

marvelous just marvy

Neopoets I shall join,
from an outstanding players
point of view
shall enter and see
what loved can do

I walk an isolated path yes
but success I can never beget
as Loved lives in this skin
misunderstood mostly

But I shall now begin
participate through thick and thin
just let me join in

Here I send my inner voice
to speak aloud
and hope you will not shout
my way

spring cheeks
Become sallow
Hollow and old
the blush of youth ...
Turns steely and cold.
Frozen in my heart
the memories
of tender, sweet frolics
in spring....
As winter sets in....
And I long....
To be young again

Back Tracking


Conspicuous yearning for things of the past
mourning the loss of your dreams
wishing you’d done any number of things
not ever allowed, so it seems

recalling a ride in a forty-eight Dodge
that ended in blood laced with pain
hearing a humming noise deep in your head
and fearing the worst for your brain



I am looking for a place to rest my mind
a place where there is no Time
I want to hear the words I heard before
the noise of life and living
but no one knocks at my door
I languish to break this spell
and find my way out of the hell.
I am in.
I know the words to say
but no one hears me pray.

Renga 10 Birds of a Feather WS Senyru:Tanka

A heron hunting
my binoculars ready
waiting and watching
bulrushes sway in the breeze
as the spectacle unfolds.

Birds chirping away
swinging atop a poplar
a beholding sight
their joyous mood at mating
pumps up the adrenaline.

I see sky dancers
moving with elegant grace
and think of beauty
freedom is the will to fly,
ascending to the heavens.

Renga 10 Birds of a Feather WS Haiku:Tanka

A heron stands still
yellow eyes fixed on its prey
an eel unaware
bulrushes sway in the breeze
as the spectacle unfolds.

Chirps getting louder
with one atop the other
both perched on a twig
flutter of colorful wings
in joyous mood of mating.

A squawk wild flapping
feathered fans beat the spring air
time to breed they sing
I watch the v formation
gathering to journey on.


inside out
being eaten alive by
the fucking noises
rapidly repeatedly
and stabbing
and screaming
looking on the outside
cut me open
and pour out the plasma
so i can breathe
crack me open to
free out my thinking
the home in my head
has turned bleak and sour
the lights blinding
the wallpaper dull
the air heavy
the room empty
come uninvited
and pour yourself in
give me the ticket
to anywhere out
of this brain
trying to wait

flock of season

downy clear
a wind spoke
the agression
in the eyes
in the chrome glint car

the dream

her hair white as salt
fuck the car
the clouds are rolling it out
rain or shine
cant make up their mind
and i turn another corner
flick my butt down the drain
the anger sizzling behind my
my fresh hair
torn clothes
like a broken nail
drawing blood

Notional time –piece

Time Yeah...
I too have not worn a watch
since the late nineties...

my cell is packed up

my sleeping timings vary...

so I rely only on my laps- top,
it sounds! Me

As I am jobless,
I need not bother about time
I have to catch a flight
many are ready to ensure
I don't miss it, right,

No not for me
but for their own peace,
good riddance
to bad rubbish eh!

A Possession

I walked by the waters of the years
There I saw many things as they drifted by
Your memory stared back at me with loving eyes
From bank to bank a glow of love materialized

I called talk to me I need your touch
I realized it was asking too much
The river of life moved you on by
The volume of water increased by my cry

I will never know if you still love me so
To me it matters not, as long as you don't go
Nothing can take that vision away from my eye
For always, even as in my dying stance I lie


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