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too late tonight

Read at ease tomorrow... I will poemise AND punctuate it yourself where ever
All rivers flow
All rivers flow from North to South

Amanda (Limerick WS)

There crouched in a corner in Crewe
Amanda, a little under two.
Her muffled cries
and blackened eyes
screamed of the shit she'd been through.

Night of Fright...

The pad of small feet, approached from behind
he stood and thought silent, lost in his mind

Small, trembling fingers clutched the cloth of his sleeve
Caught unaware, replete in his grief

A little, white figure dressed in a sheet
the very last thing he expected to meet

Silver-blue ribbons in the black sky
revealed a sad face, to his unblinking eye

“Please sir, please help me, I've lost my way home”
“My friends have all left me, left me to roam”



The Time of miracles is done.
Prayers, pleas, and holy litanies :
empty echoes falling in empty spaces.
We are puppets on a string
we human beings
pulled to a destined finality..
We stumble through a lifetime
hoping it will never end
and holding on with failing energy
no matter how painful it can be..
Yet in our final moments
it is only then we see
that heroes truly are we
who have survived our humanity.

Lost Words

Another night of lost words
to be mourned by the heart
bodies lying in bed
but the souls are miles apart.

I wonder if you notice this reality,
stabbing me like a knife
or did you just turn away, uncaring
while I wither, dying inside?

Our marriage, without smile and laughter,
is losing its purpose for being.
We are drifting away from each other
that's the truth I'm not denying.

Indiana Surprise for Digit

Digit flew into Chicago's airport
What a place he thought this is no good for me
In his twisted mind where was a place to go
That thousands of people he didn't know

That he took a train that was all the same to him
The first to leave Chicago's station a random thought
There on a bill board was a train everyone knew
The "Hoosier State" a ticket and luxury all thrown in.

When The Earth Was Born (Limerick WS)

When our earth planet was born
'twas a wild, ferocious morn
Then it started to cool
In a swimming pool
a boo bounce dance like a pop corn

Some people tend to say things they shouldn't
Make dead wrong assumptions, I wish she wouldn't
About people they care to know nothing about
When they open their mouth
It would be wrong to put my fist in her grille, so I couldn't .

I'll think before I shoot
Vicious venom and a boot
In her face to cease the burning rage
Rolling in me like the ocean waves
It would be wrong to crush that tongue of hers always ready to pollute.

Someone's Daughter

Its the smell,
the faint sweet stench of rot
that oozes from abandoned house
as empty as the psychopath
that lured her there.

She needed cash
for drugs to make her
feel normal and forget;
he needed slow death
to feel release.

She didn't struggle,
didn't fight back when he attacked,
too surprised to react
with anything but shock.

He let her go,
once, twice, then three times,
enjoying her gasps
and nakedness,
vulnerable each time
he squeezed again.

like he had stood

Like he stood


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