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A Final Pink Word, for the "Study in Pink" WS

An extract from the Daily Telegraph published this day March 24th 1889. These are taken from the trial of the accused John Creel.

Courts of Justice.

Today 23rd March 1889 in the High Court of Justice, a Mr. John Creel was found guilty of the heinous crimes of multiple murders, carried out, near to, and in the surrounding area of Marylebone.

The Satan's Defeat

Once again, a Son of Man fled in terror, proving to me they are pathetic
everytime i showed my form, their courage vanished with the wind
is this the descendant of Adam whom my ancestors have been ordered to revere?
one whose heart is easily misled and troubled by a nudge of fear?

Where is the proof that they are better than the Devil?! Where?!!
So many I have tested and yet none proved the proclaimed truth
once I instigate the growth of doubt, the faith in their hearts falter
making me proud to be a djinn, a superior race born of fire


You are superb
engaging the right words
with the tongued precision
of a chameleon

and oh
the moreso

it makes your shoe


The "El"

THE “EL”[a memory]

trains on the track
flying high to the city
and back
sparks falling from the sky
on the street below
where phantom trolleys go
on rails left behind.

sardines swaying to and fro
fists on worn leather straps
holding on to mamma
for dear life
old men smoking cigars
and pipes
Christmas time
just mamma and I
on the El we fly....


weary worn
the R&R is tearing at our souls
like the slash of the tough grass
Not enough bourbon on the nights
crawl....The MP's drawl..

The once sweet rasp of my Zippo
from a like a rash in the ear
bitter-sweet sucked in on a Pall left hand on the webbing
sling atop the metal and plastic

We know what to do
the names missing
the new replaced
like an old chain with
new links

Life has never been
for me a piece of cake,
nor for all the homeless
in the Victorian age.
Working in the coal mines
for almost the whole day
which has been my cell; a hell.
I thought that poverty's
the real monster; a Mog
that Victoria the queen
never heard of afore.
We've been ganging every night
looking for the next prey, together
with Mog, and the heartless Anable.
There we left many slain- headless
(those who have always been
a body without a soul.)

The Courtroom

Here, the drama unfolds on a stage
where the judge, the panels of juries,
the lawyers and the accused
are actors, seen and heard
to deliver justice as they see fit
in accordance to the law

Voices have been raised to attract attention
the battles are fought with wits, words and actions
bold lawyers trying to put their points across
with the display of evidence and clever talks
laying entrapments in questions
hoping to appeal to the judges' and juries' favour

Flower Power

It so sickening to be sick again
Pain turning my life insane
The gains of feeling thirty once more
Only last a fleeting moment.

Writing stories murder/horror
Makes it all a soaring power
To feed the talent hidden beneath
With flowers to cover sicken defeat.

Tomorrow is another day
And tonight is just ahead.
The flower of power has me feeling new
As if my youthful thirties blooming anew..

Covent Garden

A wall of identical dentine
that stretched from ear to ear
like menacing marbled tombstones
summoning, 'come here'
as his elongated fingers
that matched his stubbled face
patted his flat-jeaned arsecheeks
no doubt his pants were lace


As the fire from Macwill hotel spreads,
shouts and screams filled the air
the people of London strived to save the city,
while he enters John Creel's hotel to confront his enemy.

Armed with a knife, John Creel moved with great speed
Macwill saw the man's eyes turned red but he felt no fear
even when his wounds started to bleed aplenty
he died and Mog left John Creel's body.


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