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Neopoem Of The Week Contest Winner!

This week the Neopoem Group has selected the poem Off Ramps by Scribbler. Congratulations to Scribbler on such a fine write. Thanks to the group for selecting this week's winner.

Off Ramps

It's been so long I can't recall
anything but this highway
which I've shared with one and all
as time and life both slip away.

Just another traveler amongst the crowd.
kinfolk, friends and strangers too.
Rushing, passing, boisterous, loud
all in a hurry to get to.....

Neopoem Of The Week Winner!

This week the Neopoem Group has selected Flashes by Ifeanyichukwu Onwughalu. Congratulations to Ifeanyichukwu Onwughalu. To read and comment on this week's selection please visit:

in midst of vicissitudes
you say
let bygones be bygones

how can this be
when one bygone has eloped
bagging along
his inadequacies
beyond boarders unknown
and the other lounged into a hole?

Neopoet Random Challenge Contest # 15 wants to challenge you to write poetry about this month's random topic that is provided below.

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is choose one or more of the following topics and write one or more poems based on your choice or choices. Please make sure your poem or poems are between 12 to 32 lines. Certificates will be given to those that use the topic as their title.

1) My Mother
2) I was Lost
3) Rollercoaster ride
4) It's hard to breathe

Neopoem Of The Week Contest Winner!

This week the poem Little Victories by Michael Anthony has been chosen as Neopoem Of The Week. Congratulations to Michael on such a fine write. Thank you to the members of the Neopoem Group.

Little Victories

Following up with my doctor
with an online message
…this is good, that’s still a problem…

Sharing all the little embarrassments
as we often must, with those
who’ve taken the Hippocratic oath

To Read the rest of this poem and leave comment click on the link below:

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


It's hard to breathe

It's hard for me to put this down
But I don't want to tell you
So you won't frown
No other choice than to do
What I have to

I try to bottle-up my feelings
Just to keep them inside
I know I have to tell someone
But I can't even explain

Since I can't tell you
There's one thing I can do
To write a poem
Then maybe you'll understand them

I know I have to ask for help
Just like you told me
But I'm taking a different direction
That's to write to you

Your dog

Death was a dog,
Panting at your doorstep,
And you so kindly let him in.
You brought out wool blankets,
Filled his bowl with water,
And let him sleep on your kitchen floor.

He never barked or chewed wood,
Never once soiled the carpet.
He sat and waited patiently,
Paws crossed and tail still.
So you took a leash and collar,
And led him out the door.

Take Me To the Otherside

Take me to the other side
where my brighter future
as you all now say lies

I have reached the zenith
which height that
none can relay

I take it as
many reached the top
I can now only fly over it
just send a 'copter to me

Honors of Love

I shivered at the fearsome thing,
this affliction that found you here
amongst all your beauty

I could never find the words
to offer as medals and ribbons
I wanted to give you
for wrestling and sparring
with a cruel and indifferent foe

While somehow finding the courage
to provide an embracing home
for the audacity to hope


when shall you return and
enlighten my hope of perception?
let your rays mass around me and
shade me for your reflection will rouse
my ambition to continue moving forward.

Spare your wings of hope and
let me resonate.
darkness barricades the high way!
let your light of goodness find me.
when the light is astounding
hope means something to some one.

my time is fleeting,
my anticipation is to fly higher
like a flying eagle with keen vision.

Untitled (as of yet)

The painful part,
the bitterest of life’s futility,
is that we each have so little time
to weave in any meaningful ways
a tapestry of rich experience,
of wisdom that will stay behind
when we are gone,
in the minds and hearts
of those we’ve loved, and made.

Trust me when I tell you
it gets worse and worse
the nearer you come to that
ultimate drop
where all of us must crash and break
like waves on rocky shores
and finally step off the ultimate edge.

Cat & eddy styx

Cat And eddy styx

I am both:
the monster who perpetrates
and the victim who bears
the heinous, brutal attack
I become strangled in my snares.

yet I am both Cat & eddy styx
as "Cat" I support charities
and as "eddy styx" I am
the creator of vulgarities.

I am David the man who violated me
giving birth to another Ripper,
and the frightened woman child
who is both a whore and a Stripper.

Myself, The Horizon, And The Sun

The sun simply slid past me, threw me a wink which actually was never given, I paused and saw only the horizon, I saw its essence, evident display of affective signatures so typical to non-verbal utterances of what we dreamt of being: US, I and Her, She and I, for whichever way it was stated, it was still US.

(I could have danced all night)

You help recall
some one
who still lives in my heart
entered through a keyhole
in my eye
as she did smile
her soft voice
is an everlasting memory
just a wee part

I always smile
she left us all
seemingly for a while
but within my heart
left an indelible smile...

''I could have danced all night''

still I hear
from the one
who was to mostly
like a bright sun

very dear

I like, I don't like

I love the smell of roses
Yet I’d rather see them die.
I hate leaving people,
But I love the goodbye.

I don’t like when people see me,
They hate how gruesome healing can be.
But I love how crimson seeps,
The stain that’ll stay in my sheets.

I like it when it’s quiet,
But I hate how it’s never silent.
I love white noise and stillness,
But I hate that I’ll never kill this.

And I know nothing lasts,
I love the comfort that brings.
But I can’t stand the end,
And how forgetting stings.


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