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give n take

If you give them an inch
And they take a whole mile
Give of things squirlish
Unholy and vile


is d shit
that won't fit
in yr everyday coffin

>coughing sound

hey this one's still alive

of white light


There is no white light
All colours combine
and bring about sunshine.
Violet is like flowers are violet and blue
I love you!
Indigo is the colour
with which clothes are washed
and they then glow

Blue is the colour of eyes
all love but few know
they always lovers ignore,

Green is the colour of leaves and trees
till autumn arrives and nudifies
then we always say
grass is greener
on the other side
of the hill


wear our footsteps
like the hush
the history against us
we were the current
the spark that spun
and dazzled the
dizzy dapple
in fat summer
the black shade
crept through us
the spirits like a ripple
and free

hunter eyes now
wary and skittish
more beautiful


It didn’t take me long after leaving Creel behind
I eaves dropped at a few partly open hotel doors
yeah waited a while and watched for a host
to take me to America's wildest shores,

Ah! A rich man and his sweetest whore

I imagined I’d like to join in the fun
I entered the richest bum, as he played his game
his eyes turned bloody red not seen before
by the woman of the street, dirty littlest whore.

French Mystery...

Detective French sat in the pub
Down in his cups again
Seems he had, it all wrong this time
As he looked out at the rain

This Mog; it was, a nasty beast
No body to arrest
Just the spirit of an evil thing
My God, it was a mess!

Guy reflected that it surely was
Time for him to go
Retiring now, seemed the thing to do
He'd gotten way too slow

The things he'd thought were writ in stone
Now just didn't apply
Spirits, madness and crazy things
Were too much for this detective Guy

Hitler's Unfinished Rape

That Living Drag….

I’m picking up paper words that rhyme,
dreaming of a better place and time.
Thinking someday everyone should
just chill.
No one says these words are good,
let alone read or even understood,
But I know who has the strongest

Because these words they come to me,
from windows in a mind I see.
Constantly they race and fool
Strange your thinking how can we,
let our hearts and minds open up to be.
A place where lyrics like to make their

Nature's Delights

A fallen leaf swaying in the wind,
succumbing to its will before bowing to earth,
becoming one with the land
to begin the joy of a lifecycle's rebirth

The foamy waves along the shore
coming and going, forming a pattern of the sea
changing landscapes through time,
displaying their treasures on the beach for you and me

The palm trees waving from a distant,
greeting the visitors, humans and animals
while the birds flying across the heavens
such graceful wind dancers of the world


Near silently I drift the path
through these woods of autumn gold
in a soaking night rain's aftermath.
The air is crisp but not yet cold.

The sun breaks through the fleeing clouds,
hurling lances here and there
which rip through the gray sky's shroud
with a scattering reflected glare.

My pace is slow on down the way
but I'm not really in a hurry
to fill up this day's empty pail
and resume a life that's filled with worry.


A slippery slapper.
Spouting treacly, treacherous banal bull.
A whore for sure
yet nobodies slag.
Princess even in a black bin bag.
hey hey!
No love is perfect.
Saying you will take a bullet for her, means
nothing, unless she is the kind people would want to shoot.
A Goddess living with her world of dismal, deluded loot.
Is a Goddess nonetheless.

Sex. Drugs.
Writing about living.
Inhumane conditions.

One or the other.


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